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Handcrafted gift for teachers

A few completed cards

Somehow the end of the school year got away from me. I think the fact that I have two kids with two different schools and two different last days made this year a challenge. Now that the preschool end of year party has passed (and a custom order got mailed away) I have spent part of the day making some sets of note cards for my second grader’s favorite teachers.

step one of making teacher notecards

Cut white cardstock in half

I started out with white cardstock that I cut in half.

Folding notecards in half

Fold notecards in half

Then I folded the pages in half. You could use a bone folder for this step. I ended up not using it this time since this cardstock was not likely to crack or break at the fold.

Using patterned scrapbook paper on card face

Cut and glue scrapbook paper on card front

I then pulled out a couple sets of school themed paper stacks I had in the house, School Scrap Pad Kit by stemma and Back 2 School collection by Autumn Leaves. I bought each of these on clearance different years at Target (still have the clearance stickers on them.) I chose some patterned papers and cut 4 inch by 5.25 inch pieces, being careful to cut so the patterns would go in the direction I wanted the cards to open.

Adding finishing touches

Add a one inch strip to the card

I then started adding finishing touches to the cards. For the one above, I added a one inch tall by 5.5 inch wide piece of dark red cardstock. I then added a cut out from Learning Curve using my Cricut. I cut a 1.25 inch apple tile with the same red and used some scrap pieces of scrapbook paper to put behind the apple. I added similar finishing touches to some of the other cards and left some simple.

Adding the Cricut cut out from Learning Curve

Completed card with Apple Tile from Learning Curve

Each teacher will get a variety of notecards tied together with ribbon and a little tag with a thank you from my daughter. I really wish I had started these sooner, as it was a simple enough project that my daughter definitely could have helped with more than the tags.

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crochet apple cozy cupcake with cherry on top

Dress Up Your Apple

The apple cozies last week for teachers gave me an idea. I decided to try making a cupcake themed one. This is my first attempt. I had a little frustration figuring how to do the brown part. I semi-remembered the general idea from some ribbing on some pattern I did long ago for a sweater or something, but apparently not correctly as I frogged it quite a few times. I think for the next one I will make the brown part just a bit taller.

I crocheted over a button to make the cherry on top. Not sure if that is exactly what I had in mind, but now that I have made one I have several ideas for different varieties. I will probably try a few different ideas this week when I am not cleaning the house in preparation for company coming.

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Crocheted Cozy for Apples

A quick photo in the morning

Somehow I found myself totally unprepared for Teacher Appreciation Week this year. I did sign up to make a dessert for the teacher luncheon as well as helping set it up, but I did not find time to make anything for teachers until Thursday evening.

This was a great excuse to use up some small balls of cotton yarn, especially one with great colors but with challenging color changes. I found the pattern on Ravelry. As you will notice if you compare photos, my buttons are on the opposite side. That is what happens when you are a lefty, like me. I could have changed the pattern, but I did not really think the side the button was on was that important in the case of an apple cozy to change it.

Now I need to figure out gifts for teachers for the end of the year. Anyone have any ideas? There are lots of teachers for each kid, so it cannot be too complicated.

Be sure to remember to check out my May Giveaway post if you like free crochet patterns.

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