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The coming of spring makes me think of babies, even though neither of mine were born in the spring. There are many lovely baby items available from the Etsyhookers if you would love something handmade for a new baby. For example, the hat above by BurryBabies would be adorable for a baby boy you know.

For the girls, there are several adorable dresses made by jeweledreflections. The pink one above is my favorite.

For a fuzzy warm kitty blanket, check out this one by iceblueberries. I love the fuzzy kitties in each square.

Looking for toys? Check out the brightly colored soft blocks made by Rosie’s Cozies. They look like something babies would love to grab.

Finally, if you are looking for booties, there are many to choose from within the Etsyhookers. I think these by Hannah’s Creations are cute.

If you head over to Etsy, please check out Laura’s Left Hook as well.

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I stumbled upon tiptopapplesauce’s shop when searching for the Etsyhooker of the Week. Not only is the photography of her work amazing, but the patterns are just adorable, with many great details. This lovely hat is an example of that attention to detail. She thinks about the backgrounds of her photos as well as thinking about the tiny details in this hat that make it special, like the tassel at the top and the two different color button eyes.

The pattern for this puppy hat could easily be made for a boy or a girl. For a boy, you could just change a color or two and take off the bow. This would be a great idea for use as part of a costume for a party or (thinking ahead) Halloween so that your little one would not need a mask.

With dreams of summer coming soon, check out these cute sandals. With this pattern, you could make a bunch of adorable sandals for your daughter, granddaughter, or other young loved one.

As always, clicking on the photos will take you straight to the Etsyhooker of the Week’s shop.  When you check out tiptopapplesauce, please also visit Laura’s Left Hook.

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Some of you may be crocheters yourself and be interested in patterns instead of finished items. If you are, there are many to choose from within the etsyhooker shops at etsy.

A few I would like to try out sometime include the following:

I have a few friends in the armed services, so I like the idea of making one of these for a special girl or boy (or even wife) who misses a loved one who is overseas. SherriCrochets came up with these cute dolls. You can also buy them already made.

Our family loves visiting aquariums of all kinds. We have been to the Georgia Aquarium and the aquarium in Baltimore to name a couple highlights. I can see myself crocheting this anemone, along with the cute fish that goes with it. Of course, with my dear husband the fish expert, I would have to look up and match the colors of the fish and anemones as found in their native habitat. With a pattern like this, you could make them in all kinds of fun colors. Check out theselovinghands for some more patterns as well as finished objects.

If you wish to try out some stuffed creatures, here is a great deal! What a bunch of cuties! You could whip up these for adding to the Easter baskets! SherriCrochets came up with some cute patterns and gives several examples in her photos of finished creations.

This hat is an adorable item that I am sure many children would love. Since you get to make it, you can choose the yarn to make it in your child’s favorite colors. Knot by Gran’ma also makes these hats if you would prefer to purchase one already completed.

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For Christmas I received a set of Knifty Knitter round looms. I thought this might be a way to use some of my vast stash of yarn in a new way. So, for the last few days I have been playing around with it. I think I have a tendency to wrap too tightly, but so far, so good. I had some Lion brand Fancy Fur that I had purchased for a dollar a skein which was a pain in the neck to crochet with, so I figured wrapping it on the loom would be much easier. Here is my second attempt at a hat (My daughter has the first one for her doll):

Fuzzy blue hat

I checked a book out of my local library that has been a great help so far. The little page of instructions that come with the looms is not very helpful and really does not give one any idea of the possibilities with these looms.

Loom Knitting Primer, by Isela Phelps, has been helpful for me so far. Of course, I have not seen any of the other books out there in person yet, so maybe there are others that are better.

Here is the hat I made from the first pattern in the Loom Knitting Primer, with an added crocheted flower:

Red and white hat with flower

This hat is made with two strands of worsted weight yarn held together. I happened to have a couple partial balls in my stash, so I am not sure if it is Red Heart or Caron since the skein wraps are long gone. I plan to make a matching scarf for this hat, with some added crocheted flowers at the ends.

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