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I had been looking at demos of them for a long time, but had not convinced myself why I really needed one. Then, I saw a good deal at Walmart and bought it. I called my dear husband and told him not to buy me anything else for Christmas since I had gotten it for myself. I guess I went a little overboard last year on crafting supplies.

I had been using my Cricut all the time until recently. Their user agreement does not allow me to sell items made with Cricut in my etsy store. I just realized, however, I am free to show off my creations on my blog and even to sell them, just not in an online store. I may end up making things to sell at a craft fair or to friends.

Below are some photos of a sign language counting book that I made for my youngest daughter and to use during my ASL playgroup. I used My Community, Animal Kingdom, and Zooballoo. I would like to go back and use Learning Curve for the number words to make them more readable to youngsters, but have not had the time.

Page one number book

number book page two

number book page three

number book page four

number book page five

number book page six

number book page seven

number book page eight

number book page nine

number book page ten

NOTE: For more information check out my ASL Numbers Book page.

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I just started a shop, Laura’s Left Hook , in September at etsy.com.  (If you visit etsy for the first time, please tell them “lauraslefthook” sent you.)  I have had fun making several items and have been learning lots about taking photos of items in macro mode. I am still not an expert at photography, but am improving.

blue ornament

My favorite item right now are my ornaments. I have made a bunch because they are so fun, and I figure anything that does not get sold will make a fine gift for my daughters’ many teachers.


I am experimenting with making a beer/soda cozy for the football lovers out there. I have noticed on the forums over at etsy that people often complain that there are not enough gifts for men on the site. I am doing my best to help with that situation. Hopefully, I will have a set of cozies finished tonight to list tomorrow.

The cozies will be astroturf green with a football on the field. I just need to look up a good photo of a football field so I can make some white lines on the cozy to make it look like a football field. Watch for photos coming soon….

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Origami boxes — dots, poinsettias, and bows

Origami boxes — another look

shades of blue

I just started getting interested in origami. I started with some ideas on line and have now progressed to getting about five books from the library. Right now I am trying to find ideas that would sell, but I also like making things for myself and the girls.

I have made a couple types of boxes. The masu box ends up with lines across the top, which I did not like, so I am making another similar kind, which I am not sure has an official name. Directions for a masu box may be found here: masu box pattern

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One of my paper craft ornaments

I am playing around with blogging and was suggested to start a blog here by my dear husband, so I am trying it out. I plan to write about my interests in American Sign Language, crochet, children’s books, paper crafts (including scrapbooking and origami), and travel.

Above is my latest paper craft, a pine cone ball ornament, which is available to purchase on my etsy site: lauraslefthook.etsy.com

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