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Since adding a poll about what patterns crocheters are searching for when they arrive at my blog, I found that many people are interested in more tawashi scrubbie patterns. On my blog I already have the flower tawashi. I currently have two other tawashi patterns available to purchase on Artfire, Ravelry, and Etsy. I hope to get one more listed this week.

The fish tawashi were inspired by my husband, who suggested something larger than the flowers since he would like larger ones to use in the bath with the girls. The ones pictured were inspired by a Dr. Seuss book.

The turtle tawashi were partly inspired by some cotton yarn I had picked up and then set aside without a plan. It is sometimes hard to figure out the best way to work with yarn that changes color, but I like the turtle shell having the mottled, natural look. I also like that the loop for hanging is also the turtle’s tail.

I am in the home stretch of getting the pattern for the ladybug ready. This one is a little different in that I think that you would probably just use the nylon side for washing. The cotton side might be a bit bumpy with the spots. I have not tested one in the kitchen or bath yet to see.

Just a note, if you want to use these for your kitchen, you might consider acrylic yarn. I thought I should always use cotton, but then someone suggested acrylic and I found that the acrylic dries faster and sometimes does a better job scrubbing. So, right now I have three acrylic and nylon flower scrubbies for my kitchen and use the cotton and nylon for baths.

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Whenever I see a listing of Crochet Bouquet’s it reminds me of making the flowers for my husband, brothers, and groomsmen for my wedding. I picked out two colors of thread I liked and made some flowers. As I recall, they were made and then rolled and sewn. Each of my brothers and the groomsmen got one, and my husband got one of each color. Since I remember how much work that was, I really appreciate all the work that goes into Crochet Bouquet‘s creations.

Her shop includes bouquets like the one at the top of the post, appliques like those just above, as well as patterns and other goodies.

If you want to make your own flowers, you can buy some of Crochet Bouquet’s patterns. She has several sets available in her shop for those of you who already know how to crochet and are comfortable with thread and small hooks.

ASL Signs for the Post: To sign flower, imagine holding a flower up to each side of your nose to sniff it. To sign thread, mimic pulling thread off of a spool. This is a new sign for me, so I better practice it this week, lol. I am not positive if it is just used for sewing thread or any kind of thread.

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Voting will start on Monday, May 12th at noon for the first creative challenge of the Etsy Hookers group. Go to the Etsy Hookers Blog to vote for your favorite entry. Below you will find a sneak peek at the entrants:

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This incredible bag was the first item that brought Boutique Pink Designs to my attention. Something else I have not tried yet, and it looks so stunning. Of course, it has been sold, but the shop has a beautiful red rag bag available now made from fabric strips.

If you are anything like me, this would be the perfect item to have on hand this spring and summer for those places where they crank the air conditioning on full blast so that you feel chilled in your weather appropriate clothing. It would also be nice on days like today when it feels warm in the sun, but a sudden breeze gives you a chill. This shrug’s name, Fields of Gold, makes me think of the Sting song of the same name.

Boutique Pink Designs also has several lovely hats with gorgeous flowers in several color schemes. The one above is made from a soft cotton yarn.

These a just a few of the many lovely items that Boutique Pink Designs has to offer. Boutique Pink also has her own blog. Please check out her shop, as well as the rest of the Etsyhookers (including my shop, Laura’s Left Hook.)

ASL Sign for the Post:To sign bag, show on your arm where a handbag would hang. Check out this site for a quick video lesson.

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As I check out the stats on my blog, I sometimes discover other sites that have linked to my blog. One in particular suggested using my flower coaster pattern to make a tawashi. Well, to be honest, at that point I was not positive what a tawashi was. So, I did some research and decided why not try it out myself. A popular tawashi pattern is shown on A Whole Load of Craft’s site.

A tawashi is a cute scrubbie used for cleaning things. Since I wanted to make the tawashi for use on the body as well as pots and pans, I used cotton. Most tawashi are made from acrylic. I am experimenting with a modified pattern using acrylic and nylon tulle. If you are not interested in cleaning your skin using the tawashi, acrylic would probably work just as well and some say even better.

Here is a description of what I did.

Flower Tawashi Pattern

Lauraslefthook 2008


G or H hook

small amount of worsted weight cotton in two colors

nylon tulle, cut into 3 inch wide strips ( I found mine in the wedding section of the craft store in 6 inch wide rolls.)

Directions: Do not join rounds, unless noted.
Center: Make two. Make one with cotton and another with nylon tulle.
Round 1: Ch 2, 6 sc in second chain from hook

Round 2: 2 sc in each sc (12 sc)

Round 3: 1 sc in first sc, 2sc in next sc; repeat around(18 sc). End off. Weave in ends.

Holding the two centers together, crochet through both loops of cotton and nylon tulle with second cotton color.

Round 4:
Join new color with sl st in any sc. (Hdc, dc) in next sc. (Dc, hdc) in next sc. Sl st in next sc. Repeat around, ending with dc, hdc.

Round 5:
Sl st in sl st. 2 dc in each of next 4 stitches. Sl st in next sl st. Repeat around, ending with final set of dc. Finish off by weaving end into the first sl st.

Weave in ends.

Lauraslefthook 2008 Please do not sell this pattern or sell items made from this pattern. You may make as many items as you wish for family and friends with this pattern. If you wish to sell items made from this pattern, please contact me.

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I never knew you could crochet with wire until recently. Another idea for me to try out sometime. For the time being, I will share one of the awesome Etsyhookers’ shops, Karizcat.

Although I don’t wear earrings, I think the idea of these dragonfly charm hoops is very unique. The crocheted wire makes a great frame for the dragonflies.

This flower necklace would make a lovely affordable gift for a young girl, for a student to give to her favorite teacher, or for yourself. It comes in many colors, so you could have your favorite shade, or pick a few.

Karizcat also makes bracelets that could make a set with the necklace in matching colors.

There are several talented Etsyhookers who make jewelry in addition to Karizcat. Be sure to check out them all. If you head over to Etsy, please consider checking out Laura’s Left Hook as well.

ASL signs for the post: To sign jewelry, I found two different signs online, each suggesting showing where jewelry is on the body. ASLPro shows more jewelry areas being shown than ASLweb. For the signs for necklace and bracelet individually, check out Lifeprint.

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Last night I went to a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party as part of a ladies’ Bible study group. We were all asked to come up with a creative hat to wear to the party. Last year I let my daughter make a Dr. Seuss hat for me from construction paper, but this year I actually thought ahead and made something myself.

This hat was a comedy of errors. I had an idea for a hat full of flowers to start. I was thinking cotton yarn, but then I really did not want to use up what I had for other projects when I really did not have the perfect flower. So, then I received some yarn from a fellow freecycler and decided to use that yarn.

So, now I needed a hat pattern for the base. I was thinking very open since the flowers would cover up the base. I printed out three patterns and ended up trying one. It was fitting, but the pattern ended way before my it got big enough so then I improvised and added some rows. Did I mention I never bothered to check gauge?

I picked some left over navy from the H pillow and the variegated (or is that ombre?) blues. I was alternating flowers for the first row. It looked really cute and I thought about just stopping. Then, I decided to just go for it and fill the entire hat. Unfortunately I ran out of navy after a couple rows. Then, after two more, I ran out of the variegated.

Ah well….it is a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party….

By the way, the winner of the contest had constructed the Boston Tea Party on her hat. Can you imagine that? What would you put on your hat?

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