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I neglected my blog last week for two reasons:

1. I was receiving a visitor to my home at the end of the week.
2. I was crocheting like crazy.

Here is some of what I have to show for all the crocheting:

I finished up a second flower with the ribbon yarn and made them into ponytail holders.

I made another set of flower coasters from my pattern. I have been picking up different colors of cotton yarn from ACMoore with my 50% off coupons. I hope to soon make an order of cones of cotton, but don’t have that in the budget right now.

I have been really busy with letter pillows, thanks to a blog reader who has also attended my ASL playgroup. She liked the one I posted on my blog that was for my youngest daughter, so suddenly I had four more to make.

This one was hard to work on putting together because of the navy yarn. I had to give up and put it together in real daylight. It also required me to learn a new stitch, sometimes known as the double foundation chain. The instructions with the pattern said something about the left-handed stitch, which made absolutely no sense to me. I finally found a step by step set of instructions online, which were for someone right handed. It took me quite a while to figure out and then it just clicked. Now I know something very useful.

This is one of those letters that you question whether you are putting it the right way up after you make it since it has one end bigger than the other.

Now, what do I have to show for all the other work I did around the house? Well, there are several spots that look immensely better to me, but my visitor probably had no clue that there was a difference. At least I was motivated to get some cleaning and organizing projects completed.

ASL Signs for the post:
To sign hair, grab some hair between your index finger and thumb and wiggle a bit.
For the letter H, point your index finger and middle finger to the opposite side of your body, with the rest of the fingers closed.
For the letter C, make a C with your hand.

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I have been planting flowers, planting seeds, weeding flowers, and crocheting flowers….it is definitely Spring!!

I have been working on a big project the last few days (another M pillow), so last night I decided I wanted to work on some small projects. I pulled out some cotton yarn that I got at ACMoore with their 50% off coupon and made another set of my flower coasters in pink and yellow. After that, I decided to use some of the ribbon yarn I had picked up without a clear plan. A simple flower pattern from Lion Brand helped me out.

ASL Sign for the post: To sign flower, imagine you are holding a flower and putting it up to each side of your nose as if smelling it. Lifeprint has photos of the sign. Born2Sign has a video.

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flower coaster

I decided to attempt to make up a simple pattern for a flower shaped coaster to use some of the cotton worsted yarn I have in my yarn bin devoted to cotton worsted. Feel free to use this pattern to make these for yourself, family, or friends. Please do not sell the pattern.  Do not sell products made from the pattern online. If you wish to share the pattern, please send the person to my blog to get it.

Please let me know if you try it out. Let me know if any of my instructions do not make sense, or might be worded more clearly.

Flower Coaster Pattern

Lauraslefthook copyright 2008


G or H hook

small amount of worsted weight cotton in two colors

Directions: Do not join rounds, unless noted.

Round 1: Ch 2, 6 sc in second chain from hook

Round 2: 2 sc in each sc (12 sc)

Round 3: 1 sc in first sc, 2sc in next sc; repeat around(18 sc). End off first color.

Round 4: Join new color with sl st in any sc. (Hdc, dc) in next sc. (Dc, hdc) in next sc. Sl st in next sc. Repeat around, ending with dc, hdc.

Round 5: Sl st in sl st. 2 dc in each of next 4 stitches. Sl st in next sl st. Repeat around, ending with final set of dc. Finish off by weaving end into the first sl st.

Weave in ends.

If you just want to get some of these cute coasters without all the work, check them out in my etsy shop, Laura’s Left Hook.

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