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Crochet Pattern Amigurumi Doll Ravelry
Since my youngest had yet another birthday party to attend today and we have no birthday party present budget, I got busy searching Ravelry for a free pattern that I could use to make something quick and cute for the present. I was tired of making cats since I have made at least three lately as gifts, so I searched around for a bit and found this cute doll, which originally had bunny ears and a basket.

I used scrap yarn that I had on hand. For the hair, I put the hair on and then unraveled each yarn strand into its separate plies to make it look more like hair. I thought the worsted weight yarn looked too thick to be the doll’s hair. I also did not use safety eyes. Instead, I had some Lustersheen scraps. I made a single crochet and then finished it off and attached it to the doll.

Amigurumi Pink Doll

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My five year old daughter had another birthday party to attend tonight, so I asked her what I should make for the birthday girl since we are on a tight budget and have slightly more time than money. For the last birthday I had made a really cute cat from “creature crochet,” which I had won from a blog and then had not had time to make anything from it until I handed it to her to pick something for that friend. (Never got a photo of that project.)

This time I decided to ask her in front of the computer with Ravelry available. She suggested a kitten. She said it was because the birthday girl’s name starts with K, but it may also just be because the last birthday gift I made was a cat. She picked a cute cat pattern from Crochet Kitten, the Virgo Kitten. She liked the blue dress it was wearing.

Here is my version, with green button eyes since I did not have any felt or safety eyes on such short notice (and no budget for them either):

cat with blue dress and flower

My version of the Virgo Kitten

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One of the awesome things about the internet age is that we can share things easily with people who are halfway around the world. Pepika is based in Bosnia and Herzegovina, yet I can purchase one of her patterns and have it quickly due to technology. Truly, the world is becoming more and more connected.

The cow above is available as either a lovable that you can buy already created, or you may purchase the pattern to create her for yourself. With the incredible photo, one can really see the artistry involved in creating this cute cow.

This set of owls is available together, or separately. Owls seem to be a popular creature lately and this set is just amazing.

map of Bosnia and Herzegovina

patterns from across the world

One nice thing about Pepika’s patterns is that she gives you the option of using different types of yarn and gives you an idea how large your creation will be if you use a couple different weights of yarn.

Be sure to check out Pepika’s web site as well for a few free patterns and some amigurumi basics.

ASL Signs for the Post:To sign cow, make a Y hand shape and put it up to the side of your head. To sign owl, make O hand shapes and twist them over your eyes.

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