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We were fortunate enough for my husband to get a full time job at the end of last month, so I treated myself to a little shopping spree since I had been doing without pretty much anything extra for me for the last year. I started off with a custom made purse from Antique Basket Lady. I saw a purse I liked for sale in her shop and asked her to change the material to some other materials I saw in her shop. I love the credit card/id card pockets inside. I was tired of having a boring black purse, so now my purse stands out.

I then decided I needed a coin pouch for my purse. I think I spent nearly as much time choosing this as the purse. I am not even sure how I finally found this one. I wanted something that would go with my purse, but I did not want to get too crazy about matching. This fabric is also Michael Miller, with the same colors.

FriedOkra’s shop is full of items I would love to buy. I kept coming back to her shop, trying to decide whether to buy a mini-zip, a pouch for my crafts, or something for a present for later on in the year. I finally chose the “Crafty” zip to keep my crochet supplies together since I have been doing way more crochet lately than I have in the past few years.

I doubt I will be going on another spree too soon, since we do have some bills to pay off after nearly a year of no full time income in our house. I will enjoy these items every day!

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I found a cute pattern online at Kristieskids for a horse purse that I printed out and then set aside, meaning to try it out for my kids later. Then my Etsy team came up with a challenge that involved using rainbow colors. At first, I tried to come up with a headband that I liked using rainbow colors, but was having a hard time adding the fifth color. I looked through my pattern printouts for inspiration and saw the horse purse. Since my youngest daughter loves My Little Ponies, I looked through her ponies for some color inspiration. I made the first pony purse for the challenge, adding a little trim to the purse opening as well as a crocheted button and loop to close the purse.

A friend of mine has a daughter who loves purses, so she requested a pink pony purse to match Pinkie Pie. After making the first purse, I decided that sport weight yarn would be much better for the mane than worsted, although splitting the yarn after attaching it might also give the main a full look that would have thinner strands.

So now I have made two pony purses, neither of which are for my girls. I am trying to make sure they don’t see either one so that I can surprise them later with special creations later on in the year. We will see how that goes since my oldest already figured out I have puppets and has “ordered” a ballerina puppet once I finish her sweater.

My latest project is a summer sweater for my oldest daughter from Lion Brand. I made one for my youngest, so now my oldest wants one, too. Once I get it finished I will try to get them both to model for a post.

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This week the voting will open for the second Etsyhooker Creative Challenge, which is a rainbow theme. On Wednesday, July 9th, you can start voting for your favorite entry in this challenge. To see all the entries, please check out the team blog. So far, we have 38 entries, which is more than double our first challenge.

Several entrants have already sold their creations. I will be adding to the list as they sell.

Crochetbouquet just sold these lovely appliques. I know she has a bunch of lovely flowers in her shop for you to check out. She also sells patterns for many of her flowers.

This purse is reserved already, but the maker is more than happy to create another.

Yummy Pancake sold the original, but has another listed of this rainbow ice cream.

MayberryCreations sold this hat, but has several other rainbow items available in her shop.

This gorgeous scarf was also snatched up quickly.

This shawl looks incredible, as do several other items in adorkable1’s shop.

Please hurry over to the EtsyHookers Team Blog to check out all the rainbow items. You may vote starting on July 9th, but if you want to purchase anything, don’t wait too long. As you can tell, these rainbow hooker items are red hot, lol.

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Sometimes I guess you find something that is well received and you go all out. With Monkey Travel Club, you find a shop with a theme that seems to be popular as well as very cute. These gadget cozies are an adorable way to protect your electronic gadgets and will make them easy to find if you happen to set it down or stuff it in the bottom of a bag.

If you need a cute little purse for running a few quick errands around town, this is the perfect one. It would even make a good gift for a school aged girl.

For those of you who cannot stand a day without your coffee, here is the perfect cozy to make your drink stand out from the crowd. Monkey Travel Club has many different colors to choose from, and even has a custom order listed.

If you head over to Etsy, please check out Laura’s Left Hook as well.

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In preparation for Valentine’s Day, I thought I would share some ideas for the special people in your lives that will show them how much you love them. As always, click the photo to check out the etsy shop where these wonderful items can be bought.

For the baby in your life:

For someone who likes cold drinks, but does not want a cold hand:

For someone special’s lunchbox surprise:

For the girl or woman in your life who enjoys carrying something cute:

For the man in your life:

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