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buffalo or bison

Above are some bison/buffalo that we saw during a recent visit to West Virginia. (Yes, someone has buffalo in West Virginia. Good Evening Ranch in Canvas, West Virginia.)

We have a buffalo joke in our family. I guess many families share family jokes. Whenever possible, my dear husband likes to ask the girls questions about buffaloes. He might ask them if the buffalo did it, or if there is a buffalo in the yard, etc.

So, recently, we read something in a nature type magazine about there being a distinct difference between bison and buffalo. I was a bit confused, partly because the article itself was misleading. It gave the impression that there were buffaloes in the United States at one time. Now the research I have done is that buffaloes really only refer to animals in Asia and Africa; American buffaloes are actually Bison bison.

I am still curious about what I read earlier and want to do some more research to figure out just what this first magazine article could be talking about, or if it is just a misleading mistake in explanation.

Here is some information on bison.

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One of my paper craft ornaments

I am playing around with blogging and was suggested to start a blog here by my dear husband, so I am trying it out. I plan to write about my interests in American Sign Language, crochet, children’s books, paper crafts (including scrapbooking and origami), and travel.

Above is my latest paper craft, a pine cone ball ornament, which is available to purchase on my etsy site: lauraslefthook.etsy.com

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