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I almost always am crocheting, but rarely for myself. I do have a sweater two thirds of the way finished that has been sitting in a bag beside my bed for a year and a half. I am usually making things for my daughter’s preschool, my shop, friends, other family members and my kids’ friends. Not much time left over for something for me, but if I had all the time in the world I would start here:

1. Amigurumi Balloons
I love looking at these cute balloons from Planet June. We used to have a birthday tradition of balloons for kids for birthdays that Daddy would bring home. Perhaps I can get my act in gear by the next kid birthday in December to make six of these.

2. The Open Weave c1 (Complication #1)
I want a hat with lots of texture for myself because it is always windy walking my older daughter to and from elementary school. This might be the one.

3. Spiral Potholders
I love the spiral effect of this potholder and would love to experiment with the process that give this look. I could also use a couple new potholders for some variety in color.

4. Swiffer Reusable Cover
I have a Swiffer I never use because I cannot justify the expense. This would solve that issue. I would also like to make some of these http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=39434382 for my church that uses them to dust the pews.

5. Griddle Hat
Ear flaps might make this hat a bit silly on me, but that could be fun and warm.

6. Valentine Basket Sachet
I saw this and it reminded me that I have the directions printed out for making something like this with paper. I am wondering if being left handed will confuse me when attempting this pattern. I once made an afghan that had parts to be braided and had a hard time figuring it out.

7. Owl Potholder
Another potholder. This one in the seemingly ever popular own theme.

8. Socks
Would these be comfortable? I have not made a pair of socks before and these colors don’t appeal to me, but perhaps something with blues and greens would.

9. Cardigan
I would love to have time to make some sweaters for myself. Perhaps a neutral cardigan like this one.

10. Tunic
Here is another sweater, this time a tunic instead of a cardigan. Maybe the color in the photo is attracting me to it since I like that aqua.

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Some supplies for bookmarksToday we had written on our calendar “Make Valentines,” so my oldest daughter and I started working on the Valentine magnet bookmarks that she wants to give to her classmates. She had drawn a sketch of her plan for the bookmarks earlier. We went through my scrapbooking supplies and chose some red and pink cardstock. She used a ruler to draw the size she wanted the bookmarks to be so that I could figure out what size heart to cut from my Cricut Doodlecharms cartridge. We got as far as cutting all the pieces and then she took a break. A while later she managed to glue the hearts onto the bookmarks, but we will have to work on it again soon to finish it up. I will add a completed photo and some directions once we finish them, but you can find a similar tutorial for a magnet bookmark on my blog as well.

Heart Cookie Cutter into Grilled Sandwich
For lunch today my second grader also decided to help me. She did most of the work to make grilled sandwiches, other than the heating and flipping. To make the sandwiches special since she had helped, I decided to pull out a heart cookie cutter for the girls’ sandwiches. This is any easy way to make a simple lunch just a bit more special.

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In preparation for Valentine’s Day, I thought I would share some ideas for the special people in your lives that will show them how much you love them. As always, click the photo to check out the etsy shop where these wonderful items can be bought.

For the baby in your life:

For someone who likes cold drinks, but does not want a cold hand:

For someone special’s lunchbox surprise:

For the girl or woman in your life who enjoys carrying something cute:

For the man in your life:

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