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I almost always am crocheting, but rarely for myself. I do have a sweater two thirds of the way finished that has been sitting in a bag beside my bed for a year and a half. I am usually making things for my daughter’s preschool, my shop, friends, other family members and my kids’ friends. Not much time left over for something for me, but if I had all the time in the world I would start here:

1. Amigurumi Balloons
I love looking at these cute balloons from Planet June. We used to have a birthday tradition of balloons for kids for birthdays that Daddy would bring home. Perhaps I can get my act in gear by the next kid birthday in December to make six of these.

2. The Open Weave c1 (Complication #1)
I want a hat with lots of texture for myself because it is always windy walking my older daughter to and from elementary school. This might be the one.

3. Spiral Potholders
I love the spiral effect of this potholder and would love to experiment with the process that give this look. I could also use a couple new potholders for some variety in color.

4. Swiffer Reusable Cover
I have a Swiffer I never use because I cannot justify the expense. This would solve that issue. I would also like to make some of these http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=39434382 for my church that uses them to dust the pews.

5. Griddle Hat
Ear flaps might make this hat a bit silly on me, but that could be fun and warm.

6. Valentine Basket Sachet
I saw this and it reminded me that I have the directions printed out for making something like this with paper. I am wondering if being left handed will confuse me when attempting this pattern. I once made an afghan that had parts to be braided and had a hard time figuring it out.

7. Owl Potholder
Another potholder. This one in the seemingly ever popular own theme.

8. Socks
Would these be comfortable? I have not made a pair of socks before and these colors don’t appeal to me, but perhaps something with blues and greens would.

9. Cardigan
I would love to have time to make some sweaters for myself. Perhaps a neutral cardigan like this one.

10. Tunic
Here is another sweater, this time a tunic instead of a cardigan. Maybe the color in the photo is attracting me to it since I like that aqua.

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Mad Hatter Tea Party Prize Winning Hat

Mad Hatter Tea Party Prize Winning Hat

Every spring our Ladies Bible Study has a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party after one of the Bible Studies. Each lady is asked to create a silly hat to wear to the tea party. In the past I have let my older daughter create a hat for me. I have also made a hat with lots of crocheted flowers on it. This year I had the idea to make a hat shaped like a teapot. I knew, however, I would not have the time to create the pattern myself. I went in search of a pattern.

I could not find any patterns for a hat shaped like a teapot, but I did find a beautiful crochet pattern for a teapot toy on Etsy at KTB Designs. I am sure she thought it was strange when I asked the diameter of the bottom of the teapot before I purchased the pattern.

I ended up not crocheting the bottom of the teapot and then later adding the brim to it. It actually fits my kids better than me, but that is probably good since they both want to play with it.

This article and photo is not to be posted elsewhere without my permission. Copyright 2009.

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Garter Stitch Hat

My family went out of town for over a week for Christmas, so I packed several projects to work on along the way and while there. For some reason I decided to grab a bag of mill ends of some bulky chenille yarn along with the green Knifty Knitter loom. (The loom had a half finished project of my six year old daughter’s on it that she let me finish on the way to Cookin’ Grandma’s house.) With the trip nearly over, I had not touched the loom after taking off my daughter’s project.

I was checking my email on my husband’s laptop when I came across a message from the group I belong to for parents of children with hearing loss. I knew as soon as I saw it titled with a member’s name, Jill, what had happened. I knew she had cancer and had not been active on the list lately. She was a parent who was willing to help out each parent new to hearing loss with lots of information and examples from her own experiences. I know I even have some of her messages saved in a file on my computer to read later on, in case I need help later for my daughter.

I was not sure at first what I wanted to do to honor Jill, but then when I was packing up to come home I saw the yarn and the loom. I decided that a chemo cap made in her honor to help another woman who is going through chemotherapy would be an appropriate project. I picked out a hat pattern and worked my way through about half of the hat on my way home.

Today my father contacted me to ask if I still made chemo caps; he remembered me making one for a fellow teacher before I had kids. Now I know where this hat’s home will be. My elementary school principal’s wife is going through chemotherapy and my father would like to give her a hat.

I finished the hat tonight and hope to mail it tomorrow, in honor of a good friend that I never met in person.

I believe that the yarn and loom made it into my luggage for this reason.

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This week the voting will open for the second Etsyhooker Creative Challenge, which is a rainbow theme. On Wednesday, July 9th, you can start voting for your favorite entry in this challenge. To see all the entries, please check out the team blog. So far, we have 38 entries, which is more than double our first challenge.

Several entrants have already sold their creations. I will be adding to the list as they sell.

Crochetbouquet just sold these lovely appliques. I know she has a bunch of lovely flowers in her shop for you to check out. She also sells patterns for many of her flowers.

This purse is reserved already, but the maker is more than happy to create another.

Yummy Pancake sold the original, but has another listed of this rainbow ice cream.

MayberryCreations sold this hat, but has several other rainbow items available in her shop.

This gorgeous scarf was also snatched up quickly.

This shawl looks incredible, as do several other items in adorkable1’s shop.

Please hurry over to the EtsyHookers Team Blog to check out all the rainbow items. You may vote starting on July 9th, but if you want to purchase anything, don’t wait too long. As you can tell, these rainbow hooker items are red hot, lol.

ASL Sign for the Post: To sign rainbow, use a four hand shape to trace the curve of a rainbow in the sky.

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I know I have seen Moose Threads’ shop before, perhaps in a promotional thread for one of her lovely sweaters. This week her latest hat, with the lovely red truck caught my eye. It is often hard to find items that are really cute for boys, so I knew this is a shop to feature. I don’t even have any little boys to buy anything for right now. She also has a cute hat with a car, and another with a submarine for little boys.

For girls, she has several adorable items, including this brightly colored hat with a butterfly floating around on it. She also sells some cute skorts, which are made utilizing bike shorts underneath the crocheted skirt.

If you have a very special girl in your life, you may want to purchase this set for her, which will last long enough to be put away for her children in the years to come.

If you head over to Etsy, please check out Laura’s Left Hook as well.

ASL Signs for the Post:To sign hat, pat your head a couple times, or pantomime putting on a hat with both hands. For car, close your hands into fists and put your hands where the three and nine o’clock are on the imaginary steering wheel and drive. To sign butterfly, your hands become the butterfly wings and your thumbs are its body. Check out the link because I think a picture is worth way more than my brain in describing it.

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Here is a cute hat to help protect your baby’s head this summer from Bags and More by Pam. Doesn’t every baby girl have lots of pink in her closet that this hat would match?

If you don’t have a human baby in your life, perhaps you have a baby of the canine kind that might appreciate this.

Since her shop is Bags and More by Pam, I would be remiss if I did not share one of her bags with you. I like this everything tote which would be great for the beach or pool this summer.

If you head over to Etsy, please check out my shop as well.

ASL Sign for the Post: To sign dog, pat your leg as if calling a dog, then snap. Small children who cannot snap usually just pat their legs.

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This incredible bag was the first item that brought Boutique Pink Designs to my attention. Something else I have not tried yet, and it looks so stunning. Of course, it has been sold, but the shop has a beautiful red rag bag available now made from fabric strips.

If you are anything like me, this would be the perfect item to have on hand this spring and summer for those places where they crank the air conditioning on full blast so that you feel chilled in your weather appropriate clothing. It would also be nice on days like today when it feels warm in the sun, but a sudden breeze gives you a chill. This shrug’s name, Fields of Gold, makes me think of the Sting song of the same name.

Boutique Pink Designs also has several lovely hats with gorgeous flowers in several color schemes. The one above is made from a soft cotton yarn.

These a just a few of the many lovely items that Boutique Pink Designs has to offer. Boutique Pink also has her own blog. Please check out her shop, as well as the rest of the Etsyhookers (including my shop, Laura’s Left Hook.)

ASL Sign for the Post:To sign bag, show on your arm where a handbag would hang. Check out this site for a quick video lesson.

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