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crochet apple cozy cupcake with cherry on top

Dress Up Your Apple

The apple cozies last week for teachers gave me an idea. I decided to try making a cupcake themed one. This is my first attempt. I had a little frustration figuring how to do the brown part. I semi-remembered the general idea from some ribbing on some pattern I did long ago for a sweater or something, but apparently not correctly as I frogged it quite a few times. I think for the next one I will make the brown part just a bit taller.

I crocheted over a button to make the cherry on top. Not sure if that is exactly what I had in mind, but now that I have made one I have several ideas for different varieties. I will probably try a few different ideas this week when I am not cleaning the house in preparation for company coming.

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Tawashi Scrubbies for kitchen and bath

Country Colors Heart Tawashi

I just mailed off a custom order of some tawashi hearts in country colors. I probably would not have thought of doing these color combinations together, but I think they coordinate very nicely together. That is one reason I really like doing custom orders—I get some input from another person that gives me some neat new color combinations or other new ideas. The pattern for these hearts can be found in a pattern set.

Kitchen and bath tawashi scrubber

Red bird tawashi, pattern coming soon

I have also been working on a new bird pattern to go along with my first tawashi bird. This red bird is my first attempt. I have also made another one with a slightly bigger head, which seems a bit more in proportion to me. I put my first bird set in my Etsy shop last night and hope to have another ready soon. I started making one in pink today while waiting for my preschooler to be ready to be picked up from school. That color is inspired by my preschooler’s quilt, which has pink and yellow birds on it.
Crochet scrubber or scrubbie for kitchen and bath

A slightly larger head for this bird

On the alphabet letter pattern front, I have managed to type up four of the last six patterns. Tonight I hope to figure out which of those need some step by step photos and send out at least one to one of my wonderfully awesome pattern testers.

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crochet pattern for lowercase j

Newest Letter Pattern

In March I somehow thought I would get through all the letter patterns and finish them up, but then I forgot about the fact that I would be going to visit my dad with my two girls during Spring Break, which would take away quite a bit of photographing and computer time. I am now setting my goal to finish up the patterns by Mother’s Day since the project tote I want has a special sale until then and I promised myself a reward once I finish these.

Crochet pattern for uppercase letter W

Capital W photo courtesy of my new Canon Rebel

Today I managed to list the lowercase j as well as get the Capital W off for testing. I am down to seven patterns now: Q, q, U, w, x, Z, and z. I already have the U, x, Z, and z handwritten, so hopefully I can meet my goal. Once I do I need to figure out the ebook listing on Ravelry so I can offer a special deal for purchasing the whole set there as well as in my other shops.

I will also be experimenting with making a zip file for the entire set. My husband tells me that opening a zip file should not be too difficult for those who have Windows based computers. I will probably also offer the option of having me send the files in separate pdf files, but that will probably end up having to be several emails due to size limits of attachments. If you would have a preference when purchasing between one zip file and several emails with multiple pdfs, please let me know in the comments.

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My tawashi scrubber needs some eyes

New tawashi bird coming soon

I have had a few new tawashi ideas floating around in my head for a while, but have been busy with other things. Last night I finally decided to just sit down and work on the bird idea I had. I was fortunate to have half an hour to sit outside my older daughter’s ballet class and then some time while listening to American Idol to keep working. I had a great idea for the wings, which I soon realized required me to change directions in order to get both wings to curve downward.

By the time I got as far as the picture I was tired. I tried some white stitching for eyes that just did not look quite right. I decided I would then try black, but the black yarn was nowhere to be found. I am still searching for it, but I did manage to clean up a bunch of my corner of the couch last night in the process. Hopefully I will solve the eye problem tonight and be able to make a second bird to test the pattern myself and get it ready to type up and send off to another tester before offering it for sale. I imagine you will soon see some silly birds finding their way into my tawashi section of my Etsy and Zibbet shops also.

If anyone has a brilliant idea for my bluebird’s eyes, please let me know. I will update you as soon as I figure out my solution.

Photo courtesy of my Kodak Easyshare as my husband has work today that involved the new Canon Rebel.

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Easter Egg Tawashi Scrubbers

After making some progress on letter patterns, I decided to work on a few new tawashi patterns as well. Today I finished a set of Easter egg tawashi. I have not quite decided if I want to add one more row to the pattern yet before I type it up and make it available. I do know that I want to experiment a bit with some color changes to offer some variations to the basic pattern. So far I have only tried out solid and a big center stripe, but I am may also try out some zig zags this evening.

Unfinished Shamrock Tawashi

I also have been working on a shamrock pattern. That one has taken quite a bit more trial and error and I won’t be sure if I have it the way I want it until the emerald green tulle comes in that I ordered.

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I have been working hard on my Lovely Little Letter patterns lately. In the past several days I have been creating the patterns for a capital J, capital I, capital L, lowercase t, and lowercase o. Hopefully I will have the patterns available soon; I have a few great testers working on some patterns for me right now.

Most of these patterns are fairly simple to follow, but I want to have a tester make sure I did not put any incorrect numbers while typing them up.

For the letters like the lowercase o, I needed to take photos of each step to make sure that my pattern was very clear.

I added my capital I as a free download on Ravelry for those who want to try out a Lovely Little Letter without a commitment of money. Once you see the general idea and size, then you can check out more letters. If there is a letter I have not gotten to yet and you are interested in being a tester, please let me know.

Here is the download link for the capital I:
download now
Be sure to check out my pattern page to see which letter patterns and other patterns are available now.

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preliminary sketch ideas

preliminary sketch ideas

Since I have been learning to design my own patterns I have found that I work in a few different ways.  In the case of my tawashi, I have been mostly working with the same circular base and then making new designs that incorporate that as the beginning.  I do this because the circular part is the useful part of the design, the portion that will do the real work of the tawashi.  Then I do the add ons that make it look like a cute shape that turns into some type of animal or bug.

I realized I had a fish and a seastar, so I wanted to add one more sea creature before moving on to another theme.  This way I can have a set of three patterns available at some point.  In addition, my mother in law likes seahorses, so she would probably like a set of seahorses for her kitchen.  She might just hang them for decoration, but hopefully she will use them.  (Maybe I should make a special set for her that have a center circle big enough to use as a coaster….)

some bits and pieces of my chicken scratch

some bits and pieces of my chicken scratch

As I create my idea I sit with a notepad and pen next to me, stopping every few stitches to write down what I have done.  Of course, this also results in lots of scratching things out as I frog ideas that are just not working.  In addition, I have my own little shorthand that would make very little sense if I handed it off to someone else to try to make something.

Seehorse in progress

Seehorse in progress

Once I make one of the item I generally make it a second time following my chicken scratch, making notes as I go.  Then, I type it all up, add some photos to make it  more clear and prettier and have it tested again.  Usually I test it at least one more time based upon the typed version and then ask someone else to test it for me.  Since my testers work for free (and a free pattern) it sometimes takes a while for my patterns to make it into my shop.  I am trying to figure out a way to keep track of several patterns being out with testers at once, but have not gotten that organized as of yet.

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