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crochet pattern for lowercase j

Newest Letter Pattern

In March I somehow thought I would get through all the letter patterns and finish them up, but then I forgot about the fact that I would be going to visit my dad with my two girls during Spring Break, which would take away quite a bit of photographing and computer time. I am now setting my goal to finish up the patterns by Mother’s Day since the project tote I want has a special sale until then and I promised myself a reward once I finish these.

Crochet pattern for uppercase letter W

Capital W photo courtesy of my new Canon Rebel

Today I managed to list the lowercase j as well as get the Capital W off for testing. I am down to seven patterns now: Q, q, U, w, x, Z, and z. I already have the U, x, Z, and z handwritten, so hopefully I can meet my goal. Once I do I need to figure out the ebook listing on Ravelry so I can offer a special deal for purchasing the whole set there as well as in my other shops.

I will also be experimenting with making a zip file for the entire set. My husband tells me that opening a zip file should not be too difficult for those who have Windows based computers. I will probably also offer the option of having me send the files in separate pdf files, but that will probably end up having to be several emails due to size limits of attachments. If you would have a preference when purchasing between one zip file and several emails with multiple pdfs, please let me know in the comments.

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Our family just became the excited owners of a Canon Rebel T2i EOS 550D. I had been dreaming of a Canon Rebel of some type for quite a while and had been saving my craft money towards it when my husband lost his job last year. At that point the craft money went towards preschool tuition instead. I figured it would be quite a while before we replaced my Kodak Easyshare, but then the opportunity came to get this particular camera because of its use in my husband’s new business. So, instead of getting the camera for myself, I get to use it when my husband does not need it for his business.

Portrait Mode Canon Rebel

Using portrait mode and artificial light

I played a little bit with it last night as well as today. I am trying to learn one little bit at a time with it. At first I listened to my husband and took some photos in portrait mode. They were not as crisp as I would like, which made sense after checking out the instruction manual, which said that portrait mode makes flesh tones and hair look softer. It ended up making the stitches in this j look softer.

This morning I took some photos using the scant amount of light from the windows (really dark and dreary here today.) The camera popped up the flash for this photograph. I used the close-up mode for this one.

Lowercase J Alphabet Letter

Cloudy, Dreary Day near window

I plan to work on using the white balance and exposure compensation next to play around with the photos. I want to learn one step at a time. Hopefully I will also get a brighter day this week to work in some natural light.

Also in the photography mode, I was pleased to discover some beautiful photos of a child with one of my letter pillows at Life in Motion Photography. I absolutely love getting a glimpse of the children who get the pillows that I make. I also enjoyed looking around at the blog to see where I may someday take my own photography. If you live anywhere near Austin, TX and want to have some incredible photos of your kids, please check out this site.

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I have finally returned to my puppets and worked on making some arms with hands the other evening. Any ideas whose hands these will be? If you have been paying attention, you can probably guess. Here is a hint: think fairy tales….

I just finished this and mailed it off for a four year old this week. Fortunately, with my Ott-Lite, making this with the navy blue yarn was not as difficult as I thought it was going to be. The last navy blue letter I made had to be put together during the day because I just could not see what I was doing.

ASL Sign for the Post: To sign the letter J, you close your dominant hand, keeping your pinkie finger out. Then make the J shape in the air with your pinkie finger.

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