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Crochet Pattern Amigurumi Doll Ravelry
Since my youngest had yet another birthday party to attend today and we have no birthday party present budget, I got busy searching Ravelry for a free pattern that I could use to make something quick and cute for the present. I was tired of making cats since I have made at least three lately as gifts, so I searched around for a bit and found this cute doll, which originally had bunny ears and a basket.

I used scrap yarn that I had on hand. For the hair, I put the hair on and then unraveled each yarn strand into its separate plies to make it look more like hair. I thought the worsted weight yarn looked too thick to be the doll’s hair. I also did not use safety eyes. Instead, I had some Lustersheen scraps. I made a single crochet and then finished it off and attached it to the doll.

Amigurumi Pink Doll


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After finishing the Big Bad Wolf, I decided to try another girl type puppet doll so that I would not have to think about shaping the head. Instead, I had the challenge of figuring out hair. I like this one, but it has also given me different ideas of how to do hair, which makes me ready to start the next puppet so I can try out the next idea in my head.

She has quite a head of hair. I used the method of crocheting a cap the color of the hair, which I then used a latch hook method of attaching the yarn. I think my next doll might have more hair, but with thinner yarn so that it does not get full so quickly.

Here is a last photo of her so that you can get a look at her legs. I would really like to add some trim to the next doll’s dress, perhaps with thread or sport weight yarn.

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I just finished this darling new puppet last night during the Super Bowl. (Click the photos to see more in my shop.) I had to figure out her face and hair. I checked out several sites online with suggestions for putting yarn hair on a doll. Many of them expected more work than was needed since Red Riding Hood has a hood, with only a bit of hair sticking out.

She has a little basket attached to her arm for the goodies she takes to her grandma. It is securely attached so that it won’t be lost by little ones.

In my head I already have ideas for several more puppets, using ideas from this one and modifying parts that did not quite turn out the way I expected. It is funny how I start to make something and end up having to go off in a different direction because some part just is not what I envisioned. Sometimes it turns out great; other times it ends up not quite finished in the bottom of a project bag. Fortunately, this one turned out mostly as I pictured her.

My oldest daughter inspired me to do Red Riding Hood because she wants a red hooded cape from me as the next project I make for her. I have not found any easy to follow pattern for that one yet, so I will probably just wing it.

My projects always start out with yarn in my stash, but somehow I can never quite finish something new without purchasing something. For this doll, I had to buy the yarn for the basket and hair. Everything else was already in my stash. Now, I just need to find many more projects that require brown yarn and the color I used for her skin so that I don’t feel those are just stashed away.

Have you noticed there are several versions of Red Riding Hood? In some versions, the wolf is just killed by the woodsman, but in others, the woodsman cuts open the wolf and then sews him back shut with rocks in his stomach which then causes him to die.

My daughters like this version by James Marshall, but we also have:

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Doll puppet cotton 1

This lovely doll is currently in the washing machine in a pillowcase, testing for shrinkage. The pattern called for acrylic, so I had to go up two hook sizes and am testing washing machine on it. Hopefully I will have a good result and will be able to continue steps towards offering her in my etsy shop this weekend.

UPDATE: I have already pulled her out of the pillowcase twice to check on her. I hate not knowing yet. She has a few pills on her from washing, but I think I can handle that. I do, however, think if I do any more dolls in cotton I will suggest surface wash instead of machine wash. I will put up a photo in a bit of her fresh from the dryer.

Here is the after photo. Unfortunately, the lighting conditions were not nearly as good, but she came through the wash fairly well.


Want to buy her, or one like it? Check out my shop: Laura’s Left Hook

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