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crochet apple sweater

The first puffy cupcake apple cozy

I came up with a new puffy cupcake apple cozy and managed to sell the first one before I managed to blog about it. Now I have been testing the new pattern to make sure I am making it the same way each time so that I can eventually offer the pattern for sale as well. This will be my first pattern with puff stitches in it that I have created.
crochet apple sweater

Part of the order for my 8 yr old

I have made two more in white and three in pink. I was hoping to list a pink one, but my eight year old made an “order” for three to give to her ballet instructors, so they are all claimed. I did manage to take a few photos before sending them off with her this evening, though.

Now that I have gotten more brave and have tried a pattern with puffs and the ribbing on bottom, I hope to continue to get creative with my patterns as time goes on.

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crochet apple cozy cupcake with cherry on top

Dress Up Your Apple

The apple cozies last week for teachers gave me an idea. I decided to try making a cupcake themed one. This is my first attempt. I had a little frustration figuring how to do the brown part. I semi-remembered the general idea from some ribbing on some pattern I did long ago for a sweater or something, but apparently not correctly as I frogged it quite a few times. I think for the next one I will make the brown part just a bit taller.

I crocheted over a button to make the cherry on top. Not sure if that is exactly what I had in mind, but now that I have made one I have several ideas for different varieties. I will probably try a few different ideas this week when I am not cleaning the house in preparation for company coming.

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Crocheted Cozy for Apples

A quick photo in the morning

Somehow I found myself totally unprepared for Teacher Appreciation Week this year. I did sign up to make a dessert for the teacher luncheon as well as helping set it up, but I did not find time to make anything for teachers until Thursday evening.

This was a great excuse to use up some small balls of cotton yarn, especially one with great colors but with challenging color changes. I found the pattern on Ravelry. As you will notice if you compare photos, my buttons are on the opposite side. That is what happens when you are a lefty, like me. I could have changed the pattern, but I did not really think the side the button was on was that important in the case of an apple cozy to change it.

Now I need to figure out gifts for teachers for the end of the year. Anyone have any ideas? There are lots of teachers for each kid, so it cannot be too complicated.

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