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After finishing my year of teaching preschool, I suddenly have some time in the evenings to do something other than lesson planning, cutting, laminating, and preparing crafts.  I decided to take a breather before jumping into projects for others and make something for my house.  I have not done this in a long time.

I rambled around Ravelry, searching for ideas.  I came up with one potholder that just did not look quite right.  Perhaps I will try it again another day.  Then, I happened upon these lovely Fanciful Flower Potholders by Claudia Lowman.  I like for my potholders to be thick, so these seemed like good ones to attempt.  Since we have our red, white, and blue tablecloth on the table for Memorial Day through Independence Day, I decided to pull out my cones of red, white, and blue cotton yarn.  (Where did I get cones of these yarns?  Sadly, Elmore-Pisgah has sold their space in NC, where I used to order cones directly.)


I discovered that I need to pay a bit closer attention as I work this pattern.  Can you tell which one ended up not quite right?  I ended up adding one too many petals and have one hot pad that is off center.  Once I discovered this, I counted petals and wrote notes down on my copy of the pattern, so I hopefully will not make such a mistake the next time.  I could blame my mistake on watching the third part of Hatfields and McCoys on my DVR while trying to complete the second one.  If you want to follow my lead and mark your copy of the pattern to have the same size sections of colors, I count 17 petals for the first three rounds (first color), 22 petals for the second color, and 49 petals for the last color.


What is in your project bag this week?

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crochet numbers one, two and five

crochet numbers sneak peak photo

As I planned, I worked on some crocheted number patterns during my Easter break from teaching preschool. A few customers have asked about these in the past and I finally felt like I had the time to squeeze in some pattern writing. I am sharing a sneak peak at the numbers that are ready to be tested. I have sent off the number one pattern, typed up the two, and have the five hand written.
Another angle of my new crocheted numbers
I did work on the three, but am unsure whether I like the looks of it, even though it is the same font as my letters and these numbers. I think I will try checking out threes in different fonts to see if I like one of them better before making a final decision about it. I also did not make my first three with the same brand of worsted weight acrylic. That made it just slightly smaller than these, which certainly would not work if I want to photograph them together.

Crocheted numbers one, two and five

Stay tuned for more number patterns coming soon. I hope to get through the set and get them all tested soon so that I may offer them in my ArtFire Studio. I also want to use my sample set in my preschool classroom while reviewing numbers during the last month of school.

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18 inch doll sweater
I started this American Girl doll sweater thinking that it would be a long sleeved cardigan with buttons down the front. However, as I was working on it my daughter asked me if I could make it short sleeved. Then, I realized that the back portion was not quite as wide as I would have liked, so my plans all changed. I ended up with this spring or fall short sleeved sweater with a small button to keep it closed.
One button lime short sleeve sweater for 18 inch dolls
Tonight I plan to make another one to add to my Handmade American Girl Doll Clothes section of my Artfire Studio. Then, hopefully, I will get back to my idea of a button down cardigan sweater. Once I get that accomplished, I will begin the process of getting the patterns for my 18 inch doll sweaters ready for testing.

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Felicity's crochet doll clothes

Felicity's New Ballet Shrug

For a while I have been toying with the idea of creating some crocheted American Girl doll clothing patterns, especially since my oldest daughter has a Felicity doll as well as another 18 inch doll.  As I generally do when I decide to crochet something entirely new, I decided to start with something fairly simple and made a crocheted ballet shrug with some sport weight acrylic yarn I had leftover from a custom order alphabet letter project.

The first challenge was making the shrug fitted, without it being too hard to get over the doll’s fingers.  Just like a baby, a doll is not very helpful when you try to put clothing on it.  I ended up having to add a stitch and frogged about ten rows to start over.
18 inch doll ballet shrug crochet
Keeping count of rows was a bit of a challenge as well.  I would definitely recommend using your row counter while making this.  For some reason I thought that the fact that I was writing down the pattern as I went would help me keep track of rows.  (Of course, being interrupted by children while working probably contributed to losing track of where I was.)

Hopefully I will get a chance to type up this pattern in the evening (when no children are awake to interrupt me.)  Once I do I hope to find a pattern tester who would be willing to do a quick test of this pattern for me.  After that you will be able to find this pattern on Ravelry and through my blog as a free download.

Felicity's Ballet Shrug

Back View of Crocheted Ballet Shrug

If you have other suggestions for crochet patterns for American Girl dolls, please let me know.  I am taking requests from my daughter and have a few ideas of my own.  I am also offering handmade American Girl doll clothing in my Artfire studio.
Pattern now available as free download from Ravelry: download now

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Since I plan to be completely finished with the alphabet, both capital and lower case by next weekend, I decided to set up a giveaway for those who would like to have the entire set of letter patterns. This project has been a labor of love for me, but I am also ready to move on to some of the many other pattern ideas that I have.

These letters are the perfect size for toddlers and preschoolers to play with, great for decoration on a wall or shelf in a nursery, awesome for a holiday themed word on the mantel, or anything else you might want to do. They are also a great way to use up those odd balls of leftover yarn from larger projects.

So, you may ask, how do I win this giveaway? For each of the items below, please put a comment below as this is where I will check entries to choose the winner. Please be sure that each comment below has an email address for contacting you if you are the winner. Here are the guidelines:

1. Post a comment below letting me know what your first project would be if you won the whole set of patterns. (1 entry)

2. Crochet one alphabet letter pattern. You may choose one of the three free ones on my blog if you like. Post a photo to my flickr group showing off your letter. (5 entries)

3. Tweet about this giveaway. (1 entry)

4. Publish a blog post about this giveaway. (1 entry)

5. Follow “lauraslefthook” on twitter. (1 entry)

Winner will be chosen randomly on May 31st. I will contact the winner by writing a blog post about the winner and contacting the winner through email. If I do not hear from the winner within three days of the email and post, I will draw for another winner. Winner will have choice of having letters “gifted” through Ravelry, emailed as separate pdf files, or the entire set sent as a zip file.

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My tawashi scrubber needs some eyes

New tawashi bird coming soon

I have had a few new tawashi ideas floating around in my head for a while, but have been busy with other things. Last night I finally decided to just sit down and work on the bird idea I had. I was fortunate to have half an hour to sit outside my older daughter’s ballet class and then some time while listening to American Idol to keep working. I had a great idea for the wings, which I soon realized required me to change directions in order to get both wings to curve downward.

By the time I got as far as the picture I was tired. I tried some white stitching for eyes that just did not look quite right. I decided I would then try black, but the black yarn was nowhere to be found. I am still searching for it, but I did manage to clean up a bunch of my corner of the couch last night in the process. Hopefully I will solve the eye problem tonight and be able to make a second bird to test the pattern myself and get it ready to type up and send off to another tester before offering it for sale. I imagine you will soon see some silly birds finding their way into my tawashi section of my Etsy and Zibbet shops also.

If anyone has a brilliant idea for my bluebird’s eyes, please let me know. I will update you as soon as I figure out my solution.

Photo courtesy of my Kodak Easyshare as my husband has work today that involved the new Canon Rebel.

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New free crochet pattern for Capital E

New free crochet pattern for Capital E

I have been thinking about which letters to make the free ones of my Lovely Little Letters. So far, I had made the Capital I free since it was simple and someone could get a good idea of the size of the letters by making it. I have finished up several more patterns recently and decided it was time to offer another pattern for free.

Suddenly, an idea occurred to me. This idea shows that I am the parent of young children. I had a children’s song pop into my head with the refrain, “E, I, e, i, O.” So, my plan is to offer these patterns for free. Right now I have the I and am now offering the E for free. Look for the e, i, and O coming soon.

The download for the Capital E can be found here:
download now

Other patterns can be found on my Crochet Patterns page.

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