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This incredible bag was the first item that brought Boutique Pink Designs to my attention. Something else I have not tried yet, and it looks so stunning. Of course, it has been sold, but the shop has a beautiful red rag bag available now made from fabric strips.

If you are anything like me, this would be the perfect item to have on hand this spring and summer for those places where they crank the air conditioning on full blast so that you feel chilled in your weather appropriate clothing. It would also be nice on days like today when it feels warm in the sun, but a sudden breeze gives you a chill. This shrug’s name, Fields of Gold, makes me think of the Sting song of the same name.

Boutique Pink Designs also has several lovely hats with gorgeous flowers in several color schemes. The one above is made from a soft cotton yarn.

These a just a few of the many lovely items that Boutique Pink Designs has to offer. Boutique Pink also has her own blog. Please check out her shop, as well as the rest of the Etsyhookers (including my shop, Laura’s Left Hook.)

ASL Sign for the Post:To sign bag, show on your arm where a handbag would hang. Check out this site for a quick video lesson.

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Back of black shrug

This one has flowers attached in all the colors of common ballet leotards. I noticed that I had pink, lavender, and pale blue on hand, so I made some flowers to attach to the shrug so that it would match nearly any ballet leotard that someone’s little dancer wore.

Black shrug with flowers

My daughter enjoyed trying it on, but was not too excited to hear that I would be listing it in my etsy shop soon. I told her I would put her on my list for making one for her after I finish the cape her sister wants.

Back of black shrug 2

I have not decided if there are plenty of flowers or if the photos just make it hard to see how many there are on the whole shrug. I will need to take a photo of it not on my daughter to help show them all.

Close up of black shrug

If you are interested in one for your little girl, check out my etsy shop, Laura’s Left Hook .  I would be happy to discuss making one for your special dancer.

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My nearly six year old daughter wanted me to make something for her for her birthday. Somehow, I remembered her ballet teacher often wears a shrug at dance class, so I suggested making one for her. She jumped at the idea, although she kept calling it the wrong name.

When I suggested the idea I thought it would be easy to find a pattern online. Well, it was not that easy. I did, however, find several patterns for women and finally settled on a pattern (the link will download a pdf) that started at a size 0 that I thought I could modify to fit.

I ended up taking out about 26 rows of the pattern to make it fit my daughter. I held the shrug up to her as I made it and tried it on her several times while sewing up the seams. She loves it and it was not that difficult to make. One parent at ballet class said I should make them to sell, so maybe I will whip up another one for my shop.

I let my daughter keep it once it was finished instead of waiting for her birthday.  I don’t think she could have waited until next month after having tried it on throughout the process of making it.

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