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by Laura's Left Hook
I discovered a tutorial online for these ornaments several years ago and now cannot seem to find them again. I have made them enough times to have memorized how to do them and thought I would share it with you. First, you need to gather the following materials:

1. 12 x 12 scrapbook paper (I find that smaller patterns tend to look better than large scale patterns.)

2. Paper cutter

3. 3 inch styrofoam balls

4. Stick pins (1000 for a dollar at my local Dollar Tree)

5. Ribbon


Step One: Cut the scrapbook paper into 2 x 12 inch strips.

Step Two: Cut the strips into 2 x 1 inch pieces.
Christmas Tutorial
Step Three: Fold strips into a triangle shape, being careful that the points look nice.

Step Four:
Place first four triangles on the styrofoam ball, pinning down all three corners. This will be the bottom of your ornament.
Christmas Tutorial
Step Five: The next round of triangles will be pinned down only on two corners, leaving what will be the bottom corner to stick out. Since you are working from the bottom, it appears to be the top corner as you work. Notice that the second round is placed so that the points line up with the edges of the first rounds triangles.

Step Six:
Continue adding rounds of triangles, pinning down only two corners until you get about to the halfway point. Then pin the ribbon for the hanging loop on each side. You will then continue to add rounds of triangles until you get to the top. The top does not need to look perfect since you will be covering it with ribbon.
Step Seven: If you are good at making bows, you could add a bow to the top. If you crochet, you can make a crocheted chain to wrap around and pin to the top of the ornament. I have also seen some of these with little tags added to the top to dangle.

If you love looking at these but are not up to creating them yourself, please check out the Handmade Christmas section in my Artfire Studio.


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Handcrafted gift for teachers

A few completed cards

Somehow the end of the school year got away from me. I think the fact that I have two kids with two different schools and two different last days made this year a challenge. Now that the preschool end of year party has passed (and a custom order got mailed away) I have spent part of the day making some sets of note cards for my second grader’s favorite teachers.

step one of making teacher notecards

Cut white cardstock in half

I started out with white cardstock that I cut in half.

Folding notecards in half

Fold notecards in half

Then I folded the pages in half. You could use a bone folder for this step. I ended up not using it this time since this cardstock was not likely to crack or break at the fold.

Using patterned scrapbook paper on card face

Cut and glue scrapbook paper on card front

I then pulled out a couple sets of school themed paper stacks I had in the house, School Scrap Pad Kit by stemma and Back 2 School collection by Autumn Leaves. I bought each of these on clearance different years at Target (still have the clearance stickers on them.) I chose some patterned papers and cut 4 inch by 5.25 inch pieces, being careful to cut so the patterns would go in the direction I wanted the cards to open.

Adding finishing touches

Add a one inch strip to the card

I then started adding finishing touches to the cards. For the one above, I added a one inch tall by 5.5 inch wide piece of dark red cardstock. I then added a cut out from Learning Curve using my Cricut. I cut a 1.25 inch apple tile with the same red and used some scrap pieces of scrapbook paper to put behind the apple. I added similar finishing touches to some of the other cards and left some simple.

Adding the Cricut cut out from Learning Curve

Completed card with Apple Tile from Learning Curve

Each teacher will get a variety of notecards tied together with ribbon and a little tag with a thank you from my daughter. I really wish I had started these sooner, as it was a simple enough project that my daughter definitely could have helped with more than the tags.

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I have been starting to use GIMP a bit more and am trying to learn the whole layers concept. I used it to create my shop banner and to make a little ad for my ASL playgroup, but I know there is much, much more it can do. I have been perusing sites and found a couple good ones that simplify things a bit since they are tutorials written specifically for those planning to use GIMP for digital scrapbooking. As I learn more, hopefully I can post some ideas here.

One tutorial I want to go through is at this site: Scrapbooks Gone Digital

I will try to work on a simple explanation for red eye removal this week for a tutorial since I know it was difficult for me to find one when I was searching.

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Six sided snowflake

My five year old daughter was teaching her friend how to make snowflakes on Monday afternoon. They were folding the paper into smaller and smaller rectangles until I had to do the cutting for them. Of course, my daughter chose construction paper instead of something thin, like printer paper.

This put me in the mood to make snowflakes. I used to spend a class period with my sixth grade students teaching them to make snowflakes (first eight sided, then six for those ready to be challenged.) After we decorated my classroom, I would ask them to write instructions that someone else would understand to make snowflakes. That was quite a task. It did help them think about writing more clearly.

Check out my tutorial page with some directions and photos for my six sided snowflakes. I know there are pages out there for making snowflakes, but this way I don’t have to search for the perfect site myself anymore. I already have the photos but I have to get the kids into bed before I can work on something more complicated than typing.

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