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Although we decided to wait a bit with our decorating of the yogurt cups, the girls have been anxious to check and water them each day as well as moving them to a good sunny spot. The oldest over watered hers a bit at first, so they got to spend time on the front stoop during the day to dry out a bit. Mine were combined with my five year old’s in the front window each day. She now has two Alyssum and a Morning Glory cup with sprouts while I have two Sweet Williams. The oldest has one Morning Glory popping up now that hers are a bit drier.

If I can, I want to convince the girls to give up a few of their seedlings for teacher gifts for Easter. Hopefully we can decorate the cups a bit and then give some away. Since we have plenty more seeds, I have my fingers crossed that they will want to share.

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Here is a way to combine a couple of my hobbies into one, with some of the great items in MirandagirlDesigns’ shop. She makes many crocheted embellishments that can be used in many ways, including scrap booking (another of my favorite hobbies), card making, sewing projects, knitting projects, or even crochet projects (for those of us who don’t use those tiny steel hooks.)

There are an abundance of choices for flower embellishments, along with these nifty stars which are also available in red, white, and blue for your patriotic themed items.

She also has some lovely flowers with beads in the center, for some added shine.

In addition to crocheted items, she does have many die cuts available in her shop for the avid scrap booker or card maker.

If you head over to Etsy, please also check out Laura’s Left Hook.

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Back of black shrug

This one has flowers attached in all the colors of common ballet leotards. I noticed that I had pink, lavender, and pale blue on hand, so I made some flowers to attach to the shrug so that it would match nearly any ballet leotard that someone’s little dancer wore.

Black shrug with flowers

My daughter enjoyed trying it on, but was not too excited to hear that I would be listing it in my etsy shop soon. I told her I would put her on my list for making one for her after I finish the cape her sister wants.

Back of black shrug 2

I have not decided if there are plenty of flowers or if the photos just make it hard to see how many there are on the whole shrug. I will need to take a photo of it not on my daughter to help show them all.

Close up of black shrug

If you are interested in one for your little girl, check out my etsy shop, Laura’s Left Hook .  I would be happy to discuss making one for your special dancer.

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