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by zizzybob

ArtFire is having a Twelve Days of Christmas in July promotion in which many studios are offering special prices, reduced shipping, and/or coupons to help you get your Christmas shopping started early. If you are a person trying to budget or save money, now is the time to pick a few items to get now so that the bills in the winter are not so high from holiday gift purchases. I decided to work my way through the Christmas in July Trend section of Artfire and pick out a few items that I would love to have or give to someone special. You can click on any of the items to check them out in more detail and to see the special offers available through July 25th.

Above you can see a beautiful fabric postcard. I did not know fabric postcards even existed until recently. What a nice way to wish someone a Joyous Noel.

 by Sandra Healy

In our family we have an ongoing buffalo joke, so this lovely wood carving caught my eye. Be sure to check out the listing because the studio’s banner is incredible, with many of her creations in it.

by Designs in Stained Glass

This stained glass studio had me hot listing (method of marking your favorite items on Artfire) many items. This Kokopelli reminds me of a trip to Arizona that my husband and I took before we had children. Someday I hope to visit there again with the kids.

There are many more studios with incredible items participating in Twelve Days of Christmas in July on Artfire. Be sure to check them out. My studio is participating with everything being discounted 12 percent until the 25th of July. I will share a few more of my favorites as the promotion continues.

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Well, not really. Just the letters in my blog name. I love the alphabet because it enables the sharing of ideas. I have been very busy combining a love of the alphabet and reading with my crochet work lately with my Lovely Little Letters series. So, here are a few items I discovered when I looked up the alphabet on Etsy. They just so happen to spell out the name of my blog and shop.

By the way, the title of my post comes from the cd “Here Come the ABCs” by They Might Be Giants.




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Wolves seem to be in every other fairy tale, so when my dear husband challenged me to create a puppet wolf after I finished my Red Riding Hood I figured it would be a good idea. Since I was going to all the trouble of creating him by myself, I spent a long time writing out each part of the pattern as I did it so that I can recreate it. I also hope to make the pattern available after I follow my pattern at least once to make sure it makes sense.

He was a little difficult to photograph since his head is rather large. I also wanted everyone to see his cute fluffy tail. I made two different prototypes for the tail with some great eyelash yarn I picked up at ACMoore.

Here is a closer look at that tail.

Now I just have to make him again to test the pattern and figure out which puppet to create next. Maybe Grandma….or maybe Rapunzel….what do you think?

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Mmm, mmm, good enough to eat — almost. Yummy Pancake‘s shop is filled with crocheted goodies that can make your mouth water. She thinks up great packaging, like the lollipop face cloths; it just makes you want to buy them.

My mother in law was visiting recently and bought us some Cheesecake Factory cheesecake, which was very yummy, but did not look nearly as beautiful as this.

This is the object that drew me to Yummy Pancake. She had a photo of these on her blog. I thought it was so ingenious to add the chocolate paint to the strawberries. It just makes them all the more yummy looking.

If you head over to etsy, please check out Laura’s Left Hook. You should also type in “etsyhooker” in the search to find all the other wonderful “hooker” shops.

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For me, the mother of a three year old and a two year, something that looks nice and requires little thought sounds great. Especially when I don’t want to worry about dirt being knocked over and ground into the carpet. I also don’t want to worry about children tasting plants. In our house I am down to one plant that lives high up in the kitchen where the kids cannot reach. So, these lovely creations by Blazing Needles, look like a great idea to me.

In addition, my husband and I took one last trip before having children to Arizona, so these cacti remind me of that great trip. We actually chose several paint colors for our home based upon a couple photos I took while we were in Arizona.

If you head over to etsy, please stop by my shop as well, Laura’s Left Hook.

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I keep being drawn to Valerie’s Gallery, probably because I am allergic to wool and could never make her lovely creations myself.  Each photo can be clicked upon to see more information about them, including prices and so forth.

This reminds me of the home where I grew up. The house was surrounded by an old apple orchard.

I can see this one meshing well with my current house color scheme. I love the way she sets up her photos to give you a visual idea of what you might do with her felted objects.

This would be lovely as a Valentine’s gift. I can imagine a little jewelry box inside as an extra surprise gift….

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Since Christmas and New Year’s are coming soon, I thought I would share a variety of items from the Etsyhookers this week in case you find some money under your tree.

I absolutely love to make afghans myself, and love the look of ones with lots of colors, but I certainly know what a huge amount of work they are. This lovely afghan gives the look of a log cabin quilt. I have a partially done afghan with a similar pattern and I don’t know when I will ever finish it. Lots of ends to weave in. This one is a great deal from Designs by J-Mi:

This makes me think of those glass jars of water with snowman pieces in it labeled “Snowman” as if it melted before it made it to the recipient of the gift.  For those of you ready for winter to be finished, here is an adorable melting snowman from These Loving Hands:

I love blue and find myself buying lots of blue yarn and paper, although my five year old much prefers pink and girly.  Here is a cute hat in shades of blue to brighten up your winter day from Elbit Enterprises:

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