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After finishing my year of teaching preschool, I suddenly have some time in the evenings to do something other than lesson planning, cutting, laminating, and preparing crafts.  I decided to take a breather before jumping into projects for others and make something for my house.  I have not done this in a long time.

I rambled around Ravelry, searching for ideas.  I came up with one potholder that just did not look quite right.  Perhaps I will try it again another day.  Then, I happened upon these lovely Fanciful Flower Potholders by Claudia Lowman.  I like for my potholders to be thick, so these seemed like good ones to attempt.  Since we have our red, white, and blue tablecloth on the table for Memorial Day through Independence Day, I decided to pull out my cones of red, white, and blue cotton yarn.  (Where did I get cones of these yarns?  Sadly, Elmore-Pisgah has sold their space in NC, where I used to order cones directly.)


I discovered that I need to pay a bit closer attention as I work this pattern.  Can you tell which one ended up not quite right?  I ended up adding one too many petals and have one hot pad that is off center.  Once I discovered this, I counted petals and wrote notes down on my copy of the pattern, so I hopefully will not make such a mistake the next time.  I could blame my mistake on watching the third part of Hatfields and McCoys on my DVR while trying to complete the second one.  If you want to follow my lead and mark your copy of the pattern to have the same size sections of colors, I count 17 petals for the first three rounds (first color), 22 petals for the second color, and 49 petals for the last color.


What is in your project bag this week?

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campfire and snake
This past week our church held its annual Vacation Bible Camp. Since I helped teach the preschool section of camp, I was in charge of gathering supplies needed to share the Bible stories with the preschoolers. On Wednesday we told the story of Paul being bitten by a snake while making a fire on Malta. I decided this would be a good opportunity to make some crocheted items to help me tell the story.
pattern for crocheted snake
I knew I wanted to make the snake so that it would be fun and not scary for the kids. I also did not want to go the super simple route of using a green sock on my hand as suggested in the materials. I searched around a bit with Ravelry and discovered a snake pattern on Lionbrand’s site that would work. My daughters helped me choose a couple shades of green from my vast yarn stash to make him. I used some of the darker green yarn to make eyes instead of safety eyes since I did not have any on hand. While making this, I discovered a neat technique for making the snake’s body curl while making this pattern and am hoping to think of a new pattern to create myself that would utilize this technique.
campfire crocheted with toilet paper tubes
As for the fire, I did check out a few patterns for campfires online, but all were not quite what I had in mind and I did not really have a budget to purchase a pattern for this project. So, while perusing photos on google I discovered one that involved toilet paper rolls and colored tissue that inspired my crocheted creation.
crocheted snake and crocheted camp fire
To make my fire, I crocheted brown yarn over three toilet paper rolls. I then modified my starfish tawashi crochet pattern to make the flames by make the “arms” longer and doing the last round in orange. I then stitched the toilet paper rolls together and sewed the flames onto the top middle.

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American Girl or 18 inch doll clothes
Lately I have been designing things that actually have to fit. This is my first sweater design for my daughter’s American Girl doll. She chose the sport weight yarn (and the outfit to take the photos.) This open work crochet stitch does has a minor issue; the doll’s fingers won’t move, so it is a bit fiddly to get the sleeves over the hands. My eight year old did figure it out herself, though.
Cardigan for American Girl Doll
I am trying to decide whether to add a small button and loop at the top of the sweater or not. I am working on a second sweater like this one to offer in my Artfire Studio where there are already ballet shrugs and tutus for 18 inch dolls, so I will probably test out the button idea on that one to see how I like the looks of it with a button. I am also working on getting the pattern written for others; I am hoping to work on a couple more cardigan sweaters with different stitch patterns as soon as I finish teaching Vacation Bible Camp next week.

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by Laura's Left Hook
I discovered a tutorial online for these ornaments several years ago and now cannot seem to find them again. I have made them enough times to have memorized how to do them and thought I would share it with you. First, you need to gather the following materials:

1. 12 x 12 scrapbook paper (I find that smaller patterns tend to look better than large scale patterns.)

2. Paper cutter

3. 3 inch styrofoam balls

4. Stick pins (1000 for a dollar at my local Dollar Tree)

5. Ribbon


Step One: Cut the scrapbook paper into 2 x 12 inch strips.

Step Two: Cut the strips into 2 x 1 inch pieces.
Christmas Tutorial
Step Three: Fold strips into a triangle shape, being careful that the points look nice.

Step Four:
Place first four triangles on the styrofoam ball, pinning down all three corners. This will be the bottom of your ornament.
Christmas Tutorial
Step Five: The next round of triangles will be pinned down only on two corners, leaving what will be the bottom corner to stick out. Since you are working from the bottom, it appears to be the top corner as you work. Notice that the second round is placed so that the points line up with the edges of the first rounds triangles.

Step Six:
Continue adding rounds of triangles, pinning down only two corners until you get about to the halfway point. Then pin the ribbon for the hanging loop on each side. You will then continue to add rounds of triangles until you get to the top. The top does not need to look perfect since you will be covering it with ribbon.
Step Seven: If you are good at making bows, you could add a bow to the top. If you crochet, you can make a crocheted chain to wrap around and pin to the top of the ornament. I have also seen some of these with little tags added to the top to dangle.

If you love looking at these but are not up to creating them yourself, please check out the Handmade Christmas section in my Artfire Studio.

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capital and lowercase letters

All the ABCs Alphabet Letter Crochet Patterns

Thanks so much for all the interest in my crochet alphabet letter patterns. I used the random number generator and picked post number 10, which is “Ruby Star.” Congratulations! I will be sending an email shortly to discover which method you prefer to receive your patterns.

For those of you who did not win the giveaway, I have a special discount in my Artfire studio for the next month. Just enter MAY GIVEAWAY as the coupon code during checkout and receive 10% off any pattern purchase.

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crochet apple sweater

The first puffy cupcake apple cozy

I came up with a new puffy cupcake apple cozy and managed to sell the first one before I managed to blog about it. Now I have been testing the new pattern to make sure I am making it the same way each time so that I can eventually offer the pattern for sale as well. This will be my first pattern with puff stitches in it that I have created.
crochet apple sweater

Part of the order for my 8 yr old

I have made two more in white and three in pink. I was hoping to list a pink one, but my eight year old made an “order” for three to give to her ballet instructors, so they are all claimed. I did manage to take a few photos before sending them off with her this evening, though.

Now that I have gotten more brave and have tried a pattern with puffs and the ribbing on bottom, I hope to continue to get creative with my patterns as time goes on.

Remember to check out my May Giveaway if you like crochet patterns.

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Crocheted Cozy for Apples

A quick photo in the morning

Somehow I found myself totally unprepared for Teacher Appreciation Week this year. I did sign up to make a dessert for the teacher luncheon as well as helping set it up, but I did not find time to make anything for teachers until Thursday evening.

This was a great excuse to use up some small balls of cotton yarn, especially one with great colors but with challenging color changes. I found the pattern on Ravelry. As you will notice if you compare photos, my buttons are on the opposite side. That is what happens when you are a lefty, like me. I could have changed the pattern, but I did not really think the side the button was on was that important in the case of an apple cozy to change it.

Now I need to figure out gifts for teachers for the end of the year. Anyone have any ideas? There are lots of teachers for each kid, so it cannot be too complicated.

Be sure to remember to check out my May Giveaway post if you like free crochet patterns.

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