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Since my oldest daughter started first grade last week, we made it to the library to get new books on Friday. We managed to get a bunch of books, but my three and a half year old’s favorite, by far, is The Origami Master, by Nathaniel Lachenmeyer and illustrated by Aki Sogabe.

I found this book on the new children’s books shelf at our local library. The illustrations caught my eye and then when I saw it involved origami, I put it in my bag. I am glad that I did since my three and a half year old has had me read it at least five times since Friday and has also been seen “reading” it herself.

In the story, the main character is a man who likes to do origami. A bird decides to build a nest outside his door and watches him create animals from origami. The bird then comes in at night to make its own origami creations. The man is impressed and curious about the origami animals that show up overnight. He discovers the creator and captures it. Of course, this leads to no more origami and the feared loss of a new friend. All turns out okay in the end.

The book also features the directions to make an origami bird at the end of the book. I will be trying this out, perhaps tomorrow, for my three and a half year old.


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VickiDianeDesigns was nice enough to include me in her etsy Treasury. She is featuring a set of my origami gift boxes. Check it out:

Update: The treasury has expired, but you can still see my origami gift boxes!

If you have not signed up at etsy yet, please mention “lauraslefthook” sent you there when you do. Thanks a bunch!

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Origami boxes — dots, poinsettias, and bows

Origami boxes — another look

shades of blue

I just started getting interested in origami. I started with some ideas on line and have now progressed to getting about five books from the library. Right now I am trying to find ideas that would sell, but I also like making things for myself and the girls.

I have made a couple types of boxes. The masu box ends up with lines across the top, which I did not like, so I am making another similar kind, which I am not sure has an official name. Directions for a masu box may be found here: masu box pattern

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One of my paper craft ornaments

I am playing around with blogging and was suggested to start a blog here by my dear husband, so I am trying it out. I plan to write about my interests in American Sign Language, crochet, children’s books, paper crafts (including scrapbooking and origami), and travel.

Above is my latest paper craft, a pine cone ball ornament, which is available to purchase on my etsy site: lauraslefthook.etsy.com

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