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insect visitor

Praying Mantis on Marigolds

My preschooler discovered this little visitor on our front stoop, apparently protecting our plants from other insects. We seem to get baby praying mantises every year near our front door. I think they like the bushes near the door. Unfortunately the mosquitoes tend to like the bushes as well. Be sure to click the photo for a close up of our tiny visitor.

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I have been interested in making some stuffed crocheted letters that looked more like letters that children easily recognize for a while. I had done some research on cross stitch programs, hoping that one might help me in the design process. Since I have a computer that uses Linux instead of Windows I had to do a little extra searching for a program, but have been pleased so far that it does what I need it to do.

Since I have been making large letter pillows, I decided that these letters should be a bit smaller so that it would not be a ridiculous amount of work or money to create an entire name. The upper case letters are ranging close to 9 inches high, while the lower case are around 7 if they do not have stems. I think they are large enough to be played with by a young child, although I would not necessarily hand one to a kid who tries to stick everything in his mouth without some supervision.

I decided to just start at a and work my way through the alphabet, although is not working out exactly that way since a lower case b can also be a p or a d, depending upon its orientation. Once I get these created, I would also like to make the patterns available for those who crochet. I am now lining up some people to test the patterns for me once I manage to get them into a nice and clean pdf format. I think the patterns themselves could be used for the stuffed creations as well as just making one side to use as an applique.

Next up for me is a capital D. I am looking forward to just about every letter, but I know I will have to do some experimenting to get lower case i and j to look the way I want them to look. Anyone have any suggestions for those?

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Here is a cute hat to help protect your baby’s head this summer from Bags and More by Pam. Doesn’t every baby girl have lots of pink in her closet that this hat would match?

If you don’t have a human baby in your life, perhaps you have a baby of the canine kind that might appreciate this.

Since her shop is Bags and More by Pam, I would be remiss if I did not share one of her bags with you. I like this everything tote which would be great for the beach or pool this summer.

If you head over to Etsy, please check out my shop as well.

ASL Sign for the Post: To sign dog, pat your leg as if calling a dog, then snap. Small children who cannot snap usually just pat their legs.

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As a crocheter, I think to myself, “Why didn’t I think of that?” when I look at this offering by WeeBeeUniquesByJulie. I certainly have been known to indulge in some ice cream straight from the pint on occasion, especially after the kids are in bed. I love that she shows it with the “low fat” peeking out from the top. Mine would never say that; I tend to hit Dove or Ben and Jerry’s if I get a pint.

WeeBeeUniques also has a couple cute sets of facial scrubs with great packaging. I love the bright colors of these sets, but you could also get a set made to match your bathroom if you want.

I had a difficult time deciding which item to put in as my third to showcase WeeBeeUniques. She has many lovely items to keep adults warm, but this adorable hat and sweater set caught my attention.

If you head over to Etsy, please check out Laura’s Left Hook as well.

ASL Signs for the Post: To sign ice cream, imagine you are holding an ice cream cone and licking it. To sign hat, pat the top of your head.

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The coming of spring makes me think of babies, even though neither of mine were born in the spring. There are many lovely baby items available from the Etsyhookers if you would love something handmade for a new baby. For example, the hat above by BurryBabies would be adorable for a baby boy you know.

For the girls, there are several adorable dresses made by jeweledreflections. The pink one above is my favorite.

For a fuzzy warm kitty blanket, check out this one by iceblueberries. I love the fuzzy kitties in each square.

Looking for toys? Check out the brightly colored soft blocks made by Rosie’s Cozies. They look like something babies would love to grab.

Finally, if you are looking for booties, there are many to choose from within the Etsyhookers. I think these by Hannah’s Creations are cute.

If you head over to Etsy, please check out Laura’s Left Hook as well.

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