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crocheted finger puppets for Easter

Rabbit Finger Puppets

I got an email recently from my youngest daughter’s teacher that they would be having an Easter egg hunt at school this week. I was requested to bring in a dozen eggs filled with goodies. Since I know my daughter will be having at least two other egg hunts for Easter I really did not want to fill the eggs with candy. (You should see the pile of candy we have around from all the previous holidays.) I searched around a bit and found a cute and easy crocheted rabbit finger puppet on Ravelry. There is also a pattern for a sheep and chick as well. I may try out some chicks this evening since I have already had requests for the rabbits from people who have seen them.
lowercase x alphabet letter pattern

Lowercase X Alphabet Letter

Another project I am working on is the next set of capital and lowercase letters for the Letter of the Week at preschool. After spring break the letter will be X. I am hoping to get the capital and lowercase x patterns typed up today. My goal is to get completely finished with my letter patterns by Easter. As soon as I reach my goal I have promised myself a project tote from madbird.

If you are interested in my letter patterns, please be sure to notice I have a ten for ten dollars special on those that are in my shops. Just contact me to set up a listing for you. I hope to have it as a standard listing once all the patterns are tested.


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