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Mad Hatter Tea Party Prize Winning Hat

Mad Hatter Tea Party Prize Winning Hat

Every spring our Ladies Bible Study has a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party after one of the Bible Studies. Each lady is asked to create a silly hat to wear to the tea party. In the past I have let my older daughter create a hat for me. I have also made a hat with lots of crocheted flowers on it. This year I had the idea to make a hat shaped like a teapot. I knew, however, I would not have the time to create the pattern myself. I went in search of a pattern.

I could not find any patterns for a hat shaped like a teapot, but I did find a beautiful crochet pattern for a teapot toy on Etsy at KTB Designs. I am sure she thought it was strange when I asked the diameter of the bottom of the teapot before I purchased the pattern.

I ended up not crocheting the bottom of the teapot and then later adding the brim to it. It actually fits my kids better than me, but that is probably good since they both want to play with it.

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Last night I went to a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party as part of a ladies’ Bible study group. We were all asked to come up with a creative hat to wear to the party. Last year I let my daughter make a Dr. Seuss hat for me from construction paper, but this year I actually thought ahead and made something myself.

This hat was a comedy of errors. I had an idea for a hat full of flowers to start. I was thinking cotton yarn, but then I really did not want to use up what I had for other projects when I really did not have the perfect flower. So, then I received some yarn from a fellow freecycler and decided to use that yarn.

So, now I needed a hat pattern for the base. I was thinking very open since the flowers would cover up the base. I printed out three patterns and ended up trying one. It was fitting, but the pattern ended way before my it got big enough so then I improvised and added some rows. Did I mention I never bothered to check gauge?

I picked some left over navy from the H pillow and the variegated (or is that ombre?) blues. I was alternating flowers for the first row. It looked really cute and I thought about just stopping. Then, I decided to just go for it and fill the entire hat. Unfortunately I ran out of navy after a couple rows. Then, after two more, I ran out of the variegated.

Ah well….it is a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party….

By the way, the winner of the contest had constructed the Boston Tea Party on her hat. Can you imagine that? What would you put on your hat?

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