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Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?

We started our week with Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? by Bill Martin and illustrated by Eric Carle.  I shared two versions of the story, the one pictured and an older version with a mother instead of a teacher and different illustrations.  I found clipart from Kidsparkz to make into magnet to put up on the easel while telling the story.  I had made this set before realizing my easel at school was NOT magnetic, so I had to bring in my kids’ easel to use for this week.  I also had a matching puzzle set available during centers time to match heads and tails as well as to put the story in order.  Another Brown Bear center was a roll and color sheet from Making Learning Fun.

Centers time also included a fishing for colored fish game.  I made the fish with my Cricut and laminated them before attaching a paper clip to each.  Students had to name the color as they caught the fish.  We also used the colored pasta bin from last week and sorted pasta by color.

Freight Train

Another book we read this week was Freight Train by Donald Crews.  I printed out color cards and hid them around the room, giving my students the instructions to find six cards.  Once they found six, they had to put each card on the construction paper train car that was the same color.  I noticed that a few kids had problems with a couple cards, so made a note of that to make sure I review colors especially with those students in the coming weeks.

Mouse Paint

Our main book for Friday was Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh.  I also found a set of printables from Kizclub to make into magnets for retelling this story.  After reading the story and using the magnets, we used a printable from Confessions of a Homeschooler to work on mixing paint colors.  We first painted the red mouse with a paintbrush that had a red handle.  Once finished, I took the red handled brushes and handed out yellow ones and yellow paint to paint the yellow mouse.  Then I took those and handed out orange brushes but no paint, asking the students how we could get orange paint.  We then mixed the yellow and red to make orange.  We continued in this pattern without too many mice getting painted the wrong color or too many colors mixed together that should not have been.  Once finished with the mice I gave them each a sheet of blank paper to paint as they pleased and to mix the rest of their paint to experiment.

During the whole week we worked on making a Colors book.  The book was the size of half a sheet of construction paper, with a different color for each page.  Students glued on the appropriate color word (printed in the color it said) as well as an object that color.  For example, the red item was an apple, blue was a butterfly, and so forth.  This involved matching colors, practice in using glue sticks, cutting skills (cutting out the items), and allowed me to see if the students recognized whether they were gluing their words on right side up or upside down.

There were several other interesting color ideas that I just did not have time to do that you can check out on my Colors and Shapes Pinterest board.  If you check that out, you will also get a peek at some of the ideas I have in mind for next week’s Shapes theme.  We will also be working with the Letter L and Number 1.


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Since this is my first year teaching preschool I have been very busy each month gathering materials for the different themes for each week. Being on a tight budget makes me utilize the internet quite a bit. As I have gotten more familiar with a few sites maintained by teachers, I have grown to check the same few sites each time I need something new for the next theme. I know I will find something useful on these sites and I don’t have to worry about getting trapped on a malicious site while searching on a search engine. (Although with Linux the most that usually happens is that I have to close everything up and start over.)

For this post I would like to share some of the interesting printables I have used so far on Making Learning Fun.

Just this evening, while waiting for my daughter outside of her ballet class, I was cutting out some dinosaur themed patterning activities from this site. I will put contact paper on these and use them with either clothes pins or with some large colorful plastic paper clips I picked up on clearance at Staples.

Another great find on this site are the calendar numbers. My school provided me with a hanging pocket chart calendar with the same numbers to use all year. I prefer to utilize the calendar to work on patterns, so it has been great to find some different themed calendar numbers here. I have used the dental themed ones, Native Americans and turkeys, and the Nativity one for December.

If you are still looking for some Valentine ideas, there are quite a few to be found at Making Learning Fun as well. I printed out the Conversation Heart Count for my kids to try. We have not had time to use it yet this week, but hopefully Friday will allow some time as we finish up making a few crafts.

I hope to share a few more of my favorite preschool sites over the next few weeks. In the meantime, please check out the preschool links on the right sidebar.

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