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I have been interested in making some stuffed crocheted letters that looked more like letters that children easily recognize for a while. I had done some research on cross stitch programs, hoping that one might help me in the design process. Since I have a computer that uses Linux instead of Windows I had to do a little extra searching for a program, but have been pleased so far that it does what I need it to do.

Since I have been making large letter pillows, I decided that these letters should be a bit smaller so that it would not be a ridiculous amount of work or money to create an entire name. The upper case letters are ranging close to 9 inches high, while the lower case are around 7 if they do not have stems. I think they are large enough to be played with by a young child, although I would not necessarily hand one to a kid who tries to stick everything in his mouth without some supervision.

I decided to just start at a and work my way through the alphabet, although is not working out exactly that way since a lower case b can also be a p or a d, depending upon its orientation. Once I get these created, I would also like to make the patterns available for those who crochet. I am now lining up some people to test the patterns for me once I manage to get them into a nice and clean pdf format. I think the patterns themselves could be used for the stuffed creations as well as just making one side to use as an applique.

Next up for me is a capital D. I am looking forward to just about every letter, but I know I will have to do some experimenting to get lower case i and j to look the way I want them to look. Anyone have any suggestions for those?

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