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I pulled out my Christmas gift the other day to start a different kind of project. I want to learn more than the basic stitch that came with the knitting loom set, so I checked out Loom Knitting Primer by Isela Phelps from the local library.

I have already made a hat from this book, so now I wanted to try something different. Since our downstairs can get a bit chilly at times and both of my daughters love to wear dresses most of the time, I thought leg warmers might be helpful. So I found a pattern for leg warmers in the book that is all knit and purl, which means I can practice these two stitches over and over until I make my head learn them. I think I know the difference now that I am this far on the first leg, but I still need to keep the book open to flip back and forth between the knit and the purl page to remember which one I am supposed to do. I have seriously considered switching out every other peg for a different color to help me remember whether I am on knit or purl.

I am using Lion Brand Homespun for this project, which was already in my stash. No new money spent for this project and more space cleared up in the yarn bins!

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