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My brother was kind enough to gift our family with a Kobo ereader when he upgraded to a new Kindle Fire.  Because of this, I have joined the ranks of those trying to gather as many interesting reads as possible.  Since we are on a tight budget, I have begun mostly with freebies.

Earlier I had discovered, thanks to a fellow blogger, that I could use the Kindle Cloud to read many of Amazon’s Kindle selections online.  I often see bloggers sharing different Kindle freebies, so I have gathered several of those that are available to read on the Kindle Cloud to use from my computer.  However, I cannot take my computer to my couch or bed, so I spend more time reading with my Kobo (and real live books.)

Currently I am reading a book called Dear Enemy (1916) by Jean Webster.  It is the sequel to Daddy Long Legs (1912), which was a well loved book that I had read many times growing up.  I think I picked up a copy at a church yard sale way back when.  I have just finished reading Daddy Long Legs to my two girls as one of our night time read alouds.

Daddy Long Legs can be found free on Kobo and Kindle.  It appears that these editions do not contain the little drawings that accompany some of the letters that are in the original book.  The book is written as a series of letters from an orphan that a trustee has sent to college.  She has never met the trustee, but once saw his shadow on the wall as he left the orphanage, which is where she picked up the name “Daddy Long Legs” for him.

Dear Enemy can also be found free on Kobo and Kindle.  This book contains one of the minor characters from Daddy Long Legs‘ letters written from the same orphanage.

What are you reading currently?  Have you found any good freebie reads lately?

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