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I found a cute pattern online at Kristieskids for a horse purse that I printed out and then set aside, meaning to try it out for my kids later. Then my Etsy team came up with a challenge that involved using rainbow colors. At first, I tried to come up with a headband that I liked using rainbow colors, but was having a hard time adding the fifth color. I looked through my pattern printouts for inspiration and saw the horse purse. Since my youngest daughter loves My Little Ponies, I looked through her ponies for some color inspiration. I made the first pony purse for the challenge, adding a little trim to the purse opening as well as a crocheted button and loop to close the purse.

A friend of mine has a daughter who loves purses, so she requested a pink pony purse to match Pinkie Pie. After making the first purse, I decided that sport weight yarn would be much better for the mane than worsted, although splitting the yarn after attaching it might also give the main a full look that would have thinner strands.

So now I have made two pony purses, neither of which are for my girls. I am trying to make sure they don’t see either one so that I can surprise them later with special creations later on in the year. We will see how that goes since my oldest already figured out I have puppets and has “ordered” a ballerina puppet once I finish her sweater.

My latest project is a summer sweater for my oldest daughter from Lion Brand. I made one for my youngest, so now my oldest wants one, too. Once I get it finished I will try to get them both to model for a post.

ASL Sign for the Post:To sign horse, make the sign for “H” and use it as a horse’s ear, wiggling the pointer and middle finger back and forth a bit.


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I know I have seen Moose Threads’ shop before, perhaps in a promotional thread for one of her lovely sweaters. This week her latest hat, with the lovely red truck caught my eye. It is often hard to find items that are really cute for boys, so I knew this is a shop to feature. I don’t even have any little boys to buy anything for right now. She also has a cute hat with a car, and another with a submarine for little boys.

For girls, she has several adorable items, including this brightly colored hat with a butterfly floating around on it. She also sells some cute skorts, which are made utilizing bike shorts underneath the crocheted skirt.

If you have a very special girl in your life, you may want to purchase this set for her, which will last long enough to be put away for her children in the years to come.

If you head over to Etsy, please check out Laura’s Left Hook as well.

ASL Signs for the Post:To sign hat, pat your head a couple times, or pantomime putting on a hat with both hands. For car, close your hands into fists and put your hands where the three and nine o’clock are on the imaginary steering wheel and drive. To sign butterfly, your hands become the butterfly wings and your thumbs are its body. Check out the link because I think a picture is worth way more than my brain in describing it.

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