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Garter Stitch Hat

My family went out of town for over a week for Christmas, so I packed several projects to work on along the way and while there. For some reason I decided to grab a bag of mill ends of some bulky chenille yarn along with the green Knifty Knitter loom. (The loom had a half finished project of my six year old daughter’s on it that she let me finish on the way to Cookin’ Grandma’s house.) With the trip nearly over, I had not touched the loom after taking off my daughter’s project.

I was checking my email on my husband’s laptop when I came across a message from the group I belong to for parents of children with hearing loss. I knew as soon as I saw it titled with a member’s name, Jill, what had happened. I knew she had cancer and had not been active on the list lately. She was a parent who was willing to help out each parent new to hearing loss with lots of information and examples from her own experiences. I know I even have some of her messages saved in a file on my computer to read later on, in case I need help later for my daughter.

I was not sure at first what I wanted to do to honor Jill, but then when I was packing up to come home I saw the yarn and the loom. I decided that a chemo cap made in her honor to help another woman who is going through chemotherapy would be an appropriate project. I picked out a hat pattern and worked my way through about half of the hat on my way home.

Today my father contacted me to ask if I still made chemo caps; he remembered me making one for a fellow teacher before I had kids. Now I know where this hat’s home will be. My elementary school principal’s wife is going through chemotherapy and my father would like to give her a hat.

I finished the hat tonight and hope to mail it tomorrow, in honor of a good friend that I never met in person.

I believe that the yarn and loom made it into my luggage for this reason.

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