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Just put this up in our house.  It is a reminder to me as well as my children.


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campfire and snake
This past week our church held its annual Vacation Bible Camp. Since I helped teach the preschool section of camp, I was in charge of gathering supplies needed to share the Bible stories with the preschoolers. On Wednesday we told the story of Paul being bitten by a snake while making a fire on Malta. I decided this would be a good opportunity to make some crocheted items to help me tell the story.
pattern for crocheted snake
I knew I wanted to make the snake so that it would be fun and not scary for the kids. I also did not want to go the super simple route of using a green sock on my hand as suggested in the materials. I searched around a bit with Ravelry and discovered a snake pattern on Lionbrand’s site that would work. My daughters helped me choose a couple shades of green from my vast yarn stash to make him. I used some of the darker green yarn to make eyes instead of safety eyes since I did not have any on hand. While making this, I discovered a neat technique for making the snake’s body curl while making this pattern and am hoping to think of a new pattern to create myself that would utilize this technique.
campfire crocheted with toilet paper tubes
As for the fire, I did check out a few patterns for campfires online, but all were not quite what I had in mind and I did not really have a budget to purchase a pattern for this project. So, while perusing photos on google I discovered one that involved toilet paper rolls and colored tissue that inspired my crocheted creation.
crocheted snake and crocheted camp fire
To make my fire, I crocheted brown yarn over three toilet paper rolls. I then modified my starfish tawashi crochet pattern to make the flames by make the “arms” longer and doing the last round in orange. I then stitched the toilet paper rolls together and sewed the flames onto the top middle.

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